10 Ways to be a Good Neighbor 


What does it mean to be a good neighbor? Is it simply a smile and a wave to the people who live in the homes besides yours? Is it just a gesture of kindness to someone on your street? It can be all of those things – but we think it’s even bigger than that.  

We think being a good neighbor means caring about all of the members in our High Point neighborhood! For several months now on social media, we have been sharing interviews with High Pointers under the hashtag #DiscoverYourNeighborsHP. And for years, we have been sharing the stories of High Pointers through our Discover Your Neighbors stories. We hope that if you’ve been following along, it’s starting to sink in. Your neighbors are more than the people in the houses or apartments beside yours; they are the men and women who walk alongside you in the community. They are the people who make your coffee, who grow your produce, who educate your children, who bag your groceries, who manage your finances, who train at your gym.  

And each of your neighbors has a dream, a passion, and a hope for their own life in High Point. When each person in High Point is living out our talents and serving our neighbors with our strengths, we create a beautiful community. Which is why we believe it is so important to care for our neighbors by supporting them.  

Tuesday was National Good Neighbor Day, and while there are thousands of ways to be a good neighbor, we are highlighting just 10 ways you can support your neighbors locally (some don’t cost a thing!). Together, we can make sure that High Point is a place that fosters dreams and cultivates community.  

 1. Commit to buying one thing locally every week 

Sometimes one small purchase is all it takes to make a big difference for your neighbors! Rather than stress about how much you spend locally, commit to finding one business to support each week. (Psst! If you need help with ideas, check out our Discover the Best in the Biz stories or our Discover Eats & Drinks stories.)  

2. Give gifts from local sources 

You know the feeling when the baby shower, birthday party, or anniversary celebration sneaks up on you. Don’t be tempted by the two-day shipping; find a unique and one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to make an impact on your loved ones when you shop locally. (And of course, gift cards always make great last minute local gifts!)  

A small basket of giftcards from High Point, NC business Pen+Pillar.

Giftcards from Pen+Pillar

3. Pick up a local treat for your office 

Support your neighbors and treat your neighbors! Surprise your coworkers and be the office hero when you bring in the morning coffees or sweet treats. 

An open box of doughnuts from Granny's Donuts in High Point, NC.

Doughnuts from Granny’s Donuts

4. Attend a pop-up 

Our High Point business community is full of collaboration. On any given week, you can find a pop-up at Brown Truck Brewery, the High Point Farmer’s Market, Paddled South Brewing Co., Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery, Cork & Grind, and many other spots. Local shops, food trucks, musicians, and more can often be found at these pop-ups, meaning you can support MANY businesses at once. Win-win!  

Friendship Plant Co. brings their truck to a pop-up at Brown Truck Brewery in High Point, NC.

Friendship Plant Co. brings their truck to a pop-up at Brown Truck Brewery.

5. Tip higher than you normally would 

Think of it as a “pay it forward” gesture. Picture tipping 50% (or more!) on your next cup of coffee or meal out. Going above and beyond every once and a while can make the day of your local baristas or servers who show up daily to keep us full and happy. 

Woman giving a Tip at 83 Custom Coffee

A woman puts a dollar bill in a tip jar at 83 Custom Coffee in High Point, NC.

Ways to support your neighbors for FREE!  

Don’t have the budget to spend locally right now? Have no fear – you can still support your neighbors through these free and easy actions. 

 6. Practice patience and kindness.  

Did you know it’s 100% free to show kindness to someone? While restaurants and stores are experience staffing shortages, remember to show a little extra patience and empathy to the people hustling hard to serve you.  

Two people laugh at Brown Truck Brewery in High Point, NC.

7. Share or repost about local businesses on social media  

Are you following local businesses on social media? (You can find plenty to follow on our social media!) A quick like, share, or repost from your favorite small business accounts may connect them with one of your followers – who may be the perfect new customer!  

A man takes a photo of a smoothie bowl at OrganicAF in High Point, NC.

8. Broaden your horizons  

You’ve probably heard about the national supply shortages across almost every industry these days. From flowers to fast food, many businesses can’t get their hands on the products you normally know and love. However, they are re experts who can recommend an alternative you might just love even more. Be open to trying something new and gracious when your go-to choice isn’t available.  

9. Share your swag and support on social media 

Have merch from one of your favorite local spots? Maybe it’s swag from a coffee shop or restaurant, a favorite accessory, or a beloved piece of home décor. A quick post about the thing you love along with a tag to the local business may lead someone else to fall in love with that business too!  

Swag at Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery in High Point, NC.

Swag at Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery

10. Leave a positive review  

It doesn’t cost anything to write a kind word about your go-to local spots online! Using a tool like Google Reviews or Yelp, you can write a few quick sentences about the good experiences you’ve had at a local spot that may encourage a new customer to give the spot a shot!  

Discover our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography