10 Ways to Spend a Spring Day in High Point

The weather may be dreary today, but can you believe tomorrow is the first day of springIf you’re anything like us, this wet, dreary winter has made you that much more excited to enjoy the beautiful spring weather this season. Plus, High Point has so much to offer in the ways of creatively making the most of the next few months.  

We’ve compiled 10 ways for the whole family to enjoy spring in High Point!  

1. Plant Some Beautiful Blooms  

Nothing says spring like fresh blooms and buds! Pick up some seedlings for beautiful blossoms at Soviero’s or even try your green thumb at growing some veggie plants. The crew at Soviero’s can direct you on what to plant in which months to make sure your plants grow strong and healthy.  

A woman selects a plant from Soverio's Tri-County Garden Center in High Point, NC.

2. Picnic with Gussied Up Picnics 

Have you heard about Gussied Up Picnics yet? Welcome to your new favorite treat for a warm spring day! Betty and her team at Gussied Up Picnics make the cutest, most delicious pre-planned picnic boxes. They take all the work out of planning a picnic, so you and your people can just enjoy the spring sunshine and some delicious food! 

3. Start Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning isn’t always fun, but with our friend Shirley at Homeycasa, it can be a little easier! This organization queen is ready to help your home get decluttered and ready for spring!  

4. Donate the Older Clutter 

And once you’re spring cleaning is complete, take what you don’t want to save to a donation center!  

Rolls of blankets for donation at Cover the City in High Point, NC.

5. Head to the High Point Farmer’s Market 

Get ready to shop the High Point Farmer’s Market starting on April 17! Fresh produce, food, and plants from local farmers right here in the Triad – what’s not to like?  

A sign for the High Point Farmer's Market in front of High Point Public Library in High Point, NC.

6. Visit All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm 

All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm is such a magical place – for kids and adults! Their beautiful gardens for monarch butterfly colonies are a highlight of the late spring and summer for many in High Point. Their private tours start in mid-April, and appointments can be made via phone (336454-5651). 

7. Kayak Down the Lake 

Grab an oar and head down to Oak Hollow Lake or City Lake Park to get your kayak on! Kayak rentals are available starting in the spring (as long as the water warms up to 65 degrees!). Learn more about Oak Hollow kayak rentals by calling 336-883-3494, or call City Lake Park at 336-883-3498. 

Kayaks stacked by City Lake Park in High Point, NC.

8. Snap Some Photos Downtown 

Head outside to our beautiful downtown in HP and snap some family photos! Maybe hire a local photographer to go ahead and get those family pictures for the year while everyone is all-smiles to be outside.  

The Bank on Wrenn sits in downtown High Point, NC.

9. Enjoy a Bite Outside 

What better way to enjoy the spring weather than grabbing a bite or a drink outsideWe have a whole list of great places to enjoy your meal outside; just click here 

Several men and women sit at a table at Truist Point, by the High Point Rockers field enjoying the Pitchen' Kitchen in High Point, NC.

10. Take a Walk  

Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy spring in High Point is to make use of any one of our beautiful trails on foot or by bike (or maybe if you’re really brave, on roller skates!) Pick up the leash and take the furry friend so they can enjoy spring as wellThanks to our Parks & Rec team in High Point, we have so many beautiful options for walking, jogging, hiking, or running at your own pace this spring!  


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The HPD Team  

Photography by Maria West Photography and Hannah Norris Photography