2020: A Year-In-Review 

Happy New Year’s Eve, High Pointers! While this year has been anything but normal, we hope throughout the year we’ve been able to help you see the good and find ways to keep discovering neighbors to meet, local businesses to support, and good works to be involved with right in our city. We’re looking back on this year with a lot of gratitude, despite the bumps along the way, and we’re reminiscing on the stories that you loved. To cap off 2020, we’ve pulled our top 10 stories of the year. If you missed any of them, it’s not too late to discover a little good this year. 

  1. Celebrating Every Childhood Season: Wynnie’s Boutique 

Two moms saw a need in the community and decided to take action. We learned how they launched their children’s boutique and brought joy to parents in our city. 

  1. Caffeine and Community: Big Changes forDeBeenEspresso  

DeBeen Espresso brought some new style to a beloved High Point space and kept serving us with our favorite lattes throughout another year. 

  1. No Simple Birthday: A Parade Celebration for 101st Birthday 

We discovered how one neighborhood turned a pandemic birthday into a “drive-through” for one very special resident.  

  1. Discover Your Neighbors: Shane Key

Shane Key, one of High Point’s talented musicians, shared with us his passion for his family, music, and all things High Point.  

  1. Let’s Take This Outside: High Point’s Best Patio Spots 


Patio spot at Tipsys Tavern in High Point, NC

We tracked down High Point’s best patio spots to make sure you could safely social distance while enjoying your favorite restaurants. 

  1. The Story Behind “See the Good” 

The “See the Good” message has spread throughout High Point, but we sat down with the creators behind the phrase to find out what it really looks like to see the good in 2020. 

  1. The Third Place: Congdon Yards Is Coming 

Congdon Yards in High Point, displaying large sign with its name.

High Point is now home to one of the most innovative and cutting-edge coworking spaces in the Triad! We uncovered the brainpower and story behind Congdon Yards. 

  1. High Point’s Love on Display | A Night to Shine

church decided to use its resources to bring love to the differentlyabled and special needs community in High Point and brought the city together.  

  1. Discover the Best in the Biz | Change Often 

City councilman and entrepreneur, Cyril Jefferson, shared how he uses his business to inspire and motivate students throughout the community. 

  1. From Doctor to Community Leader | Celebrating the Life of Dr. Otis Tillman

We shared the story of High Point hero and community pillar, Dr. Otis Tillman, and the incredible legacy he left on this city.  

As we ring in the new year and start on a new chapter in High Point’s history in 2021, we hope you will continue to follow along with us. From the most challenging times to the biggest celebrations, to all the days in between, we love discovering this community with you. 

Discover our High Points,  

The HPD Team