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Sarah Lytle paints a brown dog with water colors

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Sarah Lytle Art is the culmination of a long-held passion for art for its namesake Sarah Lytle. Since she was small, Sarah has always been fascinated with art. Throughout high school, her art teacher, a talented local artist in her own right, encouraged Sarah’s natural curiosity and exploration of different mediums, including her interest in painting. In college at the University of Alabama, Sarah minored in studio art as a way to stay connected to what would ultimately become her professional calling.

About 10 years ago, Sarah’s children school schedule gave way to give the super busy mom a bit of time painting. Four years later, she began to market and sell her work regularly. Today, many of her evenings and weekends are spent in her studio working on commissioned art pieces from house portraits, to pet portraits, to cocktails, or anything that inspires her.  She is always learning and discovering more about art, from different techniques to unusual mediums. She previously painted exclusively in oils, but recently she has split her time 50/50 between watercolor and oil much to the delight of her fans and followers.

Sarah created her company, Sarah Lytle Art, to share her talents with a wider audience, and also to capture what is near and dear to people’s hearts. To her, one of the most rewarding parts is seeing the joy her finished works brings her clients. In fact, it is what inspires her to continue painting. No matter the subject, Sarah strives to portray a balance of realism combined with a loose painterly style.

Read below to learn more about the inspiring Sarah Lytle Art and how you can own a very special one-of-a-kind piece.

Q. Tell us about Sarah Lytle Art in about 10 words.

A. I am a local artist who enjoys painting in oils and watercolor.

Sarah Lytle poses proudly in her home.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Why was it started and what was the vision?

A. I’ve been drawing and painting here and there for years. Once my children were school aged, I had more time to devote to art. Several years ago there was a small neighborhood art show. I set up a booth with some watercolor and pastel paintings and sold them all. It was a great feeling. It helped me see there was potential

Assorted paint at Sarah Lytle's art studio in High Point, NC

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What is one thing people would be interested to learn about Sarah Lytle Art?

A. Art is a part-time job for me. I find time after work in the evenings and on weekends to paint.

Q. What are the highlights of owning/operating Sarah Lytle Art in High Point?

A. I love creating a commission for someone and seeing their reaction when it’s finished. Portraits of pets and homes are very emotionally tied. It’s a great feeling to see that something I’ve done really touches their hearts.

Sarah Lytle actively painting a chocolate lab.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What do you paint and how can someone commission a painting?

A. Just ask! I am always excited to work on new projects. I love doing pet portraits and house portraits, but I also can paint just about anything you can imagine.

Q. How has High Point changed since Sarah Lytle Art was founded?

A. Years ago I only had my kitchen table to use as my art space. I feel very lucky now to have a room in my home that is exclusively for art. Having an art studio is such a joy and makes the process of creating so much easier.

A close up photograph of assorted paint with a painting by Sarah Lytle in the background.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

A. I believe my two greatest obstacles are time and confidence. Time is always a challenge. The work /life balance for me, like most of us, is a hard one to strike. Making sure I’m giving my art, my family, my friends, and my job the attention they need often feels like an impossible task. I’ve yet to overcome that challenge. Also confidence. I think with most creative people there are moments when you feel like you’ve got it and then in the next instant self-doubt and worry start to creep in. I’ve found that the more I paint and practice the stronger I feel about my talent. My art may never appeal to everyone, but I know that the clients I have worked with are happy and that, in turn, boosts me up when I let doubt try to wiggle its way in.

Q. How have the citizens and community of High Point supported you?

A. I feel very lucky to live in a community that supports the arts. I could not have been successful if it were not for the patronage of the local area. From my Realtor friends that have driven my house portrait commissions, to local interior designers who have commissioned work for their clients, to groups like the Theater Art Galleries. I am very proud to be a local artist.

Sarah Lytle, of Sarah Lytle Art in High Point, NC, paints a dog.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out in High Point, what would it be?

A. I believe in being involved in the local community in many ways beyond art has helped get me name out there.

Q. What are you excited about for High Point’s future? 

A. The growth of High Point in the past few years has been very exciting. I feel proud to see that High Point is being seen as somewhere to go. I’m thrilled to see how much the local community has embraced and supported the new venues in town. I feel there’s a renewed sense of pride for our city and finally everyone can see the potential.

Sarah Lytle mixes paint on a paint pan.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. How can the HP Discovered audience find you online?

A. I have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and blog. I am in the process of developing a website to showcase my work. I have a price list that I am happy to share with anyone. I can be reached directly at sarahlytle@icloud.com.

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