10 Ways to be a Good Neighbor 

A woman puts a dollar bill in a tip jar at 83 Custom Coffee in High Point, NC.

  What does it mean to be a good neighbor? Is it simply a smile and a wave to the people who live in the homes besides yours? Is it just a gesture of kindness to someone on your street? It can be all of those things – but we think it’s even bigger than that.   We…

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Stock + Grain is Coming: High Point’s Food Hall

Tim Elliot outside the construction of Stock + Grain

Feast your eyes on THIS – High Point is about to be home to the Triad’s first-ever food hall, Stock + Grain Assembly! If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of dining at a food hall, let us enlighten you. Imagine if you could find local, gourmet, and artisanal restaurants all in one place. We’re not talking…

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Seven Ways to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

A child looking at strawberries at the High Point Farmers Market

Where in the world would we be without grandparents? From mentoring us as parents on how to raise our own kiddos, to creating last memories with the little ones that last a lifetime, grandparents help us to discover so much in life. This past Sunday was Grandparents’ Day, and in honor of all of the grandmas and grandpas (or whatever term of endearment you…

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Behind the Beans: Q&A with Local Baristas  

Coffee from 83 Custom in High Point, NC

If you’re anything like us, coffee is an absolutely necessary part of getting your day started. When the snooze button can’t be pressed anymore, you know at least around the corner waits a delicious cup of caffeine ready to help you kickstart your day! And whether you prefer to brew your own beans at home or you want…

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Great Community, Great Schools: Extraordinary Educators 2021 

With the school year in full swing, we want to say a huge welcome back to all of our students and educators in the classroom this week! We had the privilege of kicking off a week back to school in the best way possible – by attending this year’s Extraordinary Educators luncheon. Hosted by Guilford Education Alliance, and…

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Bigger Than Coltrane: The Story Behind HP’s International Jazz Festival

Joe Williams in front of the John Coltrane statue in High Point, NC

If you ask anyone in the jazz music scene to name an influential music leader, there’s a high chance John Coltrane’s name will come up. And if you ask any of those folks where the legend John Coltrane first got his start, they’d most likely point to Philadelphia. That’s where Joe Williams, Director of the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues…

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Tuning In to High Point’s Music Scene

Shane Key, a musician in High Point, NC plays the guitar on stage.

Here in High Point, it’s no secret that we love to groove to a great tune. Blame it on Coltrane (surely by now you know that our city is where jazz legend, John Coltrane spent much of his growing up years!), but we’re always looking for a spot to hear the sweet serenades of a local musician.…

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