Best in the Biz: Cold Fusion Pops

A variety of popsicles from Cold Fusion pops

For Mike Kerkado, trip after trip to the grocery store led him to feel frustrated by the lack of healthy sweet treats available to him and his family.

“The options are filled with preservatives and ingredients that we could not even pronounce!” he says. But instead of giving up, Mike decided to do something about this dilemma, and the idea for Cold Fusion Pops was born. Now, this High Point-based family business is proud to offer our community all-natural, vegan popsicles. At only 60 to 70 calories, and boasting a variety of refreshing flavors like cucumber mint, mango chili, and chocolate sea salt, they’re dessert you can feel good about.

The logo for Cold Fusion Artisan Pops

“Knowing that we are providing a natural and healthy option to our customers without sacrificing the yumminess and experience is what keeps us going,” Mike says.

Already, Cold Fusion Pops has been surprised by the level of success they’ve experienced in their business. They found that their 15-year history in High Point and the relationships they’ve built here have served as a catalyst for even greater growth.

“Being able to cope with unexpected demand was scary at first but with the help of great mentors, we were able to adapt and overcome,” Mike says. “The HP Chamber of Commerce and HPU were really influential in helping us get the word out about our business, and once our citizens tried our pops, they kept coming back for more.”

Mike Kerkado, owner of Cold Fusion Pops stands for a photo with his family

Not only has Cold Fusion Pops already made their mark on High Point, but they are excited to play a part in the revitalization of High Point’s growing small business community.

“I think Cold Fusion Pops has ‘piggybacked’ as a new company on the great innovation boom that has swept our city in the last few years,” Mike explains. “High Point’s evolution is really something to be proud of and watch in awe.”

Even more so, Mike cites the family-oriented feeling of High Point, which makes it a rich starting ground for any small business.

“Our friends and neighbors are here and the first ones to believe in our enterprise,” says Mike. “Our community is so family-oriented with awesome values, but at the same time, with an eye for innovation and progress that makes it the perfect setting for any small business to thrive.”

That’s why Mike gives advice to those considering starting a business in High Point to pursue their dreams and take action.

“Do not be afraid to take that leap of faith,” he says. “If this were any other city, would have been hesitant, but High Point understands, supports, and is full of resources to make your startup a great one!”

Cold Fusion Pops provides their delicious artisan popsicles wholesale for any event: from weddings to birthdays to graduations and more. You can find them sold at any HPU concession stand during a home game (because they’re also packed with electrolytes!) or at Scoop Zone at 144 North Main St.

You can find Cold Fusion Pops online, on their Facebook and Instagram at @coldfusionpops, or via email:

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