#Blessed by Blessing Park 

A photo of Blessing Park in High Point, NC at the High Point Rocker stadium at Truist Point.

Blessing Park in High Point, NC | Photo by Hannah Norris Photography

What has us excited for the summer in High Point? Two words – downtown revitalization! The construction taking place downtown, as part of the catalyst project, is transforming High Point’s downtown to be a place where everyone will love to be. From Truist Point to Congdon Yards, to the new food hall, to the upcoming Nido and Mariana Qubein Children’s Museum – High Point’s downtown has received some major upgrades in the last few years!  

And that downtown and city development is about to get even more fun – especially if you have little ones in your life who happen to love splash pads (and how many kiddos don’t??). Blessing Park – a brand new park, picnic area, and splash pad in High Point – is about to bring a whole lot of fun to High Point this summer.  

Things to do in High Point, NC for the summer include Blessing Park where children play in the splash pad at Truist Point and the Rockers Stadium.

The park, located right inside the gates of Truist Point at the Elm Street entrance, was itself a blessing to High Point – gifted by the generosity of High Point family, Ronnie and Molly Millis Young. Ronnie and Molly, longtime High Pointers, partnered with the revitalization leaders like the City of High Point, Visit High Point, Forward High Point, Truist Point, and Dr. Nido Qubein to see to it that the limited space of Blessing Park would make a huge splash.  

“From the beginning, we knew that space was tight and wanted to fit as much excitement into a small space as possible… We wanted to make Blessing Park a destination in and of itself, within a small footprint,” says Allen Young, who volunteered to assist developer Barry Kitley on the Blessing Park project. “Ronnie and Molly stepped up early in the process to support and invest in the Rockers and the catalyst project because of their love for High Point and our citizens.”  

A boy climbs on the boulder at Blessing Park in High Point, NC at the High Point Rockers and Truist Point Stadium.

A man, woman, and child sit in rocking chairs at the High Point Rockers Stadium at Blessing Park. The park offers things to do in High Point, NC for families.

With a seven-foot-tall climbing rock, a splash pad with 14 unique water elements, a dog run, a gazebo with rocking chairs, and a full picnic area, Blessing Park sure does accomplish that mission.  

“I have three kids under the age of eight,” Allen notes. “I see Blessing Park as a meeting place for families on summer mornings to play, socialize, and relax.”  

The space will be open to the community as a public park on non-game days and before Rockers’ games. It will also be open to Rockers ticket holders during games, serving as an additional space for fans to cheer our Rockers on to victory. The play equipment and grassy area provide the perfect place to let wiggly little ones burn some energy, and the park even has space for furry friends to take a lap or rehydrate in the on-site dog run.  

As all great endeavors do, Blessing Park required a lot of hands to make it happen. The true testament to the park’s mission comes from how many folks gave or volunteered their time, simply because they believe in bringing good to High Point. 

Blessing Park had no shortage of “blessings” when it came to rallying High Pointers to help make the space a reality. Alongside the gift from Ronnie and Molly Millis Young to pay for the park, Coy Willard and Pete Fisch, President of the High Point Rockers, both supported the park’s development. Allen volunteered to assist in development, and Amanda Stafford, a local contractor, donated all of her time to make the park a reality.  

At Blessing Park in High Point, NC, kids play in the splash pad at the High Point Rockers stadium.

“Amanda did an amazing job bringing this area together to intertwine nature and play areas,” Allen explains, pointing out that the 7-foot-tall climbing boulder is the true “high point” of Blessing Park. “I can just see my kids perched at the top waiting for a homerun ball to come over the fence!”  

Kids climb on the boulder at Blessing Park inside the High Point Rockers stadium in High Point, NC.

On the outside of the park columns, a plaque with an inscription from James 1:17 reads, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Allen points back to the verse, noting how he believes the generosity that built the park will inform the way it is used. 

“My hope is that it encourages people to spend time in High Point and support our great city,” he says. “Blessing Park was given by the Youngs with the hope that it will be a source of joy and blessings to all people young and old, from near and far, as they gather, play, and share in the beauty of this beloved High Point community.” 

Check the Blessing Park schedule for hours here!  

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Photography by Brandon Lee Media