Bigger Than Coltrane: The Story Behind HP’s International Jazz Festival

Joe Williams in front of the John Coltrane statue in High Point, NC

If you ask anyone in the jazz music scene to name an influential music leader, there’s a high chance John Coltrane’s name will come up. And if you ask any of those folks where the legend John Coltrane first got his start, they’d most likely point to Philadelphia. That’s where Joe Williams, Director of the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues…

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Parks Get Professional: Meet Lee Tillery

Lee Tillery, Director of High Point Parks & Recreation, sits on a golf cart at Oak Hollow Golf Course.

When it comes to the professionalism we’re highlighting this week, it’s easy to think of “professionals” as folks who sit behind desks all day, crunching numbers, and filling out spreadsheets.   High Point has quite a few of those number-crunching professionals (who we’re very thankful for!), but Lee Tillery’s professional life looks a little bit different.    “The common theme in Parks and Recreation is that no…

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16-Love: HP Tennis Director Reflects on Career 

If you head over to Oak Hollow Tennis Center, you’ll see just how much our city values tennis. With hard courts, clay courts, and even indoor courts, there’s no shortage of places to practices your backstroke. And for Tennis Director, Junius Chatman, it didn’t take long for him to realize how much High Point values him.   As the Tennis Director and resident Tennis Pro…

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A Homerun for the Head Chef: Meet Miquel Phillips 

Why do you go to a baseball game? Is it the thrill of watching the bat collide with the ball, sending it soaring beyond the outfield for a home run? Is it the camaraderie of gathering with your neighbors and friends to root for the home team? Is it that fresh air that smells like summer? Or, is it the excuse…

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Family is Everything… Bagels

If you stop by High Point Bagels one morning, you’re almost guaranteed to find the owner, Mat Greenberg, chatting with a customer. It may be an old friend of Mat’s who has stopped by the shop, or it might be a total stranger who has never set foot in High Point Bagels. But it doesn’t matter who it is – professionals on their way to work,…

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High Point Dentists Fill Us In

When you hear the words, “dentist appointment,” you may cringe a little. It may set your teeth on edge (pun intended!), but when you have dentists as good as the ones we have in High Point, there really is nothing to fear. Tomorrow is National Dentist’s Day, so we spoke to two of High Point’s best…

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A Legacy that Still Stands: The Kilby Hotel and Arcade

Kilby Arcade Building on Washington Street in High Point, NC.

On 627 E. Washington St. stands a vacant lot. But just like most things in history, there is more to that vacant lot than what initially meets the eye. If we could go back in time, back to the Roaring 20s, and drive over to 627 E. Washington Street, we wouldn’t see a vacant lot,…

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Valentine’s Values: Abby and David Williams Share Their Love of High Point 

David and Abby Williams laughing in High Point, NC

When you walk into Abby and David Williams’ house, one of the first things you might notice is the elegant, modern furniture throughout the rooms. Or you might notice family photographs spanning generations, from their parents to their five grandchildren. You might catch a glimpse of Abby’s work making jewelry or find a book on furniture design. If you go a little way through the trees…

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High Point Businesswoman Founds The Buy Black Guide

The founder of The Buy Black Guide Temoura Jeffries

Temoura Jefferies, High Point educator and entrepreneur, knows that in the face of division in our country, one way to unite and support the Black community is to buy from Black-owned businesses. But as she began to dig online for some sort of list or directory of Black-owned businesses in the Triad, she was sorely disappointed…

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Discover Your Neighbors: The Lessards

There are some members of our community that have become such pillars that it’s hard for us to imagine the city without them. When we think of them, we think of the ways they have planted deep roots, started community-focused initiatives, or given of their time to make High Point a better home…

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