Changemakers: Feeding Lisa’s Kids

Barbour Spangle Design had the opportunity to interview Lisa Hawley, founder of Feeding Lisa’s Kids (FLK), about her volunteer-based group, which feeds children of High Point, NC that otherwise wouldn’t have 3 meals a day.

Q. Tell us about FLK in about 10 words.

A. We are out here on earth to love.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Why was it started and what was your vision?

A. I started FLK because I watched children put half of their lunch in napkins and put it in their pockets to save for supper.  I watched this for years while my kids were in school and felt sick about it long enough then decided to try and change it.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What is one thing people would be interested to learn about Feeding Lisa’s Kids?

A. 100% of monies given to FLK goes to buying food for High Point children.

Q. What are the highlights and challenges of owning/operating your non-profit in High Point?

A. A Highlight is living in a community full of givers.  Everyone wants to help.  I love my High Point.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Why did you choose to locate Feeding Lisa’s Kids in High Point?

A. High Point is number 7 now in the nation for hunger.

Q. How has High Point changed since you started Feeding Lisa’s Kids?

A. I think we were number 2 in the nation for hunger and because of the awareness, so many organizations are now helping and we are number 7.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

A. Asking people for money is a challenge for many.  I have learned that people want to give and when they find out that 100 percent of their money goes to buying food they are happy about that.  It is getting easier to ask.  Our people need me and our community so I am not being quiet about it.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. How have the citizens and community of High Point supported you?

A. The people of High Point and surrounding communities have joined together to fight our hunger issues.  They show up, they give and they love.

Q. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out in High Point, what would it be?

A. To know your neighbors, to feed the poor, and to love our people.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What are you excited about for High Point’s future? 

A. I am excited that High Point is growing and the opportunity for work will be there.

It was a pleasure speaking with Lisa and we are honored to share her story here.

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