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22 Veterans Commit Suicide Daily.  Let’s Change That.  Together.

Today, we celebrate Veterans Day. As we reflect on the meaning of today, it is important to take time to think of those who have served our country and honor the enormous sacrifices made by the veterans and their families to preserve our freedom.  And we could not be more pleased to share the story of Heroes Center with you on such a special and significant day.  Did you know right here in High Point there is a center dedicated to improving the lives of millennial student veterans and helping them transition into civilian life?  Yes indeed!

We are delighted to bring to you the story of Bob Uber, founder of the Heroes Center, who honors veterans everyday through his organization (we think the world needs more guys like Bob!). The Heroes Center is a non-profit organization with the goal of serving, supporting, and strengthening student veterans and their families. This is an amazing story and one that is especially poignant today. Lucky High Point.

Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Q. Tell us about the Heroes Center in about 10 words.

A. We are a nonprofit supporting veterans transitioning back from Combat into civilian life.

Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Q. Why was it started and what was the vision?

A. The Heroes Center was started because we learned that many student veterans attending Guilford Technical Community College were homeless and sleeping in their cars.  As a result, the Heroes Center was founded as a way to offer a safe haven for veterans to spend time alone or alongside other veterans.

Q. Do you have a particular geographic or demographic focus?

A. We are focused on helping millennial student veterans, who are actively seeking transition and job skills.

Q. What is one thing people would be interested to learn about the Heroes Center?

A. We are aware of no other organization using the model we are to help veterans. The Piedmont Triad is proudly the home of over 120,000 veterans and active military duty personnel.

Q. Why did you choose to locate the Heroes Center in High Point?

A. We learned about a church campground located in High Point  that stood empty for 50 weeks out of a year. High Point has been home to a record number of military and lacked a Veteran Center, so we decided to undergo renovations to provide needed housing for veterans.

Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Q. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? 

A. Understanding city regulations and entering into the renovation world.

Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Q. How have the citizens and community of High Point supported you? 

A. The High Point community and citizens have continuously supported us through attending benefit concerts, donating supplies and equipment, as well as providing financial and volunteer support.

Q. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out in High Point, what would it be? 

A. Do your homework, be organized, and maintain your core vision.

Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Q. How can High Point citizens help the Heroes Center? Any specific needs that our readers can provide?

A. We continue to need volunteers to cook daily meals and maintain our grounds. We would greatly appreciate if businesses are able to help donate large items, such as kitchen items and furniture.

To learn more or donate be sure to check out the Heroes Center website here.

Heroes Center | 1500 Bridges Drive | High Point, NC 27262 | 336.884.4376 (HERO)


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