Comfort Foods for Cozy Nights 

A bowl of grilled cheese and tomato soup

Baby, it’s cold outside… But the soup’s on inside! In the chilliest months, High Point can bring a little comfort to your heart and your stomach. We’ve compiled some of our favorite comfort foods here in High Point. Whether you want to bundle up and head out on the town, or order takeout and curl up by your fireplace, you’re sure to find plenty of coziness with these warm, savory dishes!  

Jambalaya – Blue Magnolia  

Nothing says comfort food like a hearty bowl of Jambalaya. Magnolia Blue’s take on this classic Creole rice dish is sure to bring some warmth and comfort to your soul. 

Egg Drop Soup – Mandalay Asian Fusion 

With so many warm and comforting soups on their menu, it’s hard to pick just one. But Mandalay’s egg drop soup might take the cake. Order in or take out, to enjoy this light and delicious Chinese soup.  

Chopped Beef Brisket – Sweet Old Bills  

A plate of brisket from Sweet Old Bill's in High Point, NC

Let’s face it, Sweet Old Bill’s is practically a restaurant full of comfort foods! But if you’re looking for a hearty meal to warm you up, the chopped beef brisket is a must. Or, ask about their winter’s day special, the smoked meatloaf sandwich.  

Black Bean Soup – Blue Zucchini  

Want to warm up with a little lighter fare? Blue Zucchini’s black bean soup may be the ticket. Or find out what their soup of the day is and pair it with a hearty sandwich. 

Soup by the Quart – Tipsy’z  

Want to bring the warmth home to your house? Tipsy’z sells their delicious soups by the quart. Skip the meal prep and let Tipsy’z bring some homemade warmth to your kitchen. 

Pho Soup – 98 Asian Bistro  

98 Asian Bistro has no shortage of delicious Asian-fusion soups on their menu that are sure to bring a kick to your palette. Have you ever tried their Pho Soup? This national dish from Vietnam is warm and comforting on a cold day.  

Burning Love – Blue Rock Pizza  

Warm up with the spicy pizza from Blue Rock. Italian sausage and cherry peppers will kick up the heat on a winter’s day! 

Bolognese – Lulu and Blu  

Looking for a more sophisticated take on comfort food? Lulu and Blu’s cavatappi, vealand pork ragu bolognese is the way to go. Refined yet hearty, this dish is sure to fill you up and keep you satisfied.  

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The HPD Team  

Photography by Maria West Photography