A Day in the Life of High Point with Dawn

Who doesn’t love enjoying live tunes at your favorite High Point spots? High Point offers many different places to get outside and enjoy a relaxing afternoon listening to Live Music. | Photography by High Point Market

Today, Dawn Brinson, one of our HPD team members is going to share with us her ultimate Saturday out in High Point! Join us as we journey through a spring day in High Point with Dawn…

Most of us were raised reciting little spring ditties like “April showers bring May flowers,” and all the others, but the early rays of warmth that help sprigs sprout into full blossoms has a rejuvenating quality for me, too. I anticipate the coming of spring, having spent the late winter months browsing seed and plant catalogs, pouring over produce-laden recipes, checking my weather apps for warming trends and treating the Sunday start of Daylight saving time like a major holiday.

So it’s no surprise that by this time in the calendar, I am buzzing around most Saturdays with the giddiness of a high schooler on spring break.

The first stop on my Saturday tour is almost always the Farmer’s Market. Growing up we didn’t buy a lot of produce at the grocery store. We had an abundance of farm stands and local growers who simply filled their truck beds with their bounty, selling it right off the tailgate. To this day, if I see someone with a truck bed of cantaloupes, cucumbers, corn, whatever, my car instinctively heads for the shoulder of the road. Our new downtown Farmer’s Market is a joy to me. I chat up the farmers and flower vendors – smile and speak to neighbors and strangers alike. It’s my happy place.

A peach stand at the High Point Farmers Market

The High Point Farmers Market is located at the High Point Public Library and is open 8:30am to 1pm every Saturday beginning April 27 to October 26. Enjoy a variety of local fresh produce, seasonal plants, handmade crafts and more. | ZoZo Photography

Then it’s off to one of our local garden centers. I’m particularly fond of Soviero’s on North Main Street and Nelson Greenhouses on White Farm Lane, just off Eastchester Drive. Both have an abundance of flowers, ferns, plants, and bedding materials as well as fruit and veggie plants and seeds for the backyard garden I’ll plant soon. They both have super knowledgeable and helpful staffs, not to mention their prices are quite reasonable.

The enterance to Soverios Tri-Country Garden Center in High Point, NC

Soviero’s Tri-County Garden Center is located at 3818 N Main Street. Soviero’s has all of your gardening and landscaping needs and so much more! | ZoZo Photography

By the time I’m finished with my produce and plant haul, I’m ready for breakfast—or maybe it’s an early lunch if I’ve browsed an extra long time. That means a stop at The Biscuit Factory for a cathead-sized biscuit filled with country ham, lettuce and tomato or off to The Dog House on Main Street for the best classic-style chili dog in town.

A mean from Biscuit Factory

The Biscuit Factory is a quick and easy fix if you’re looking for a classic, buttery, homemade biscuit and to take your breakfast sandwich to the next level. | ZoZo Photography

I’m really lucky that I live in one of the older High Point neighborhoods close to downtown and virtually everything else. So I can take home my bounty, plant my new flowers in pots for the deck, and still have a big chunk of the afternoon to enjoy.

Music. That’s what I long for on a warm, sunny afternoon. Sitting outside, listening to live music, frosty beverage in hand, around a table of my friends. To me, that’s bliss. High Point has developed such a good array of venues that I’m hard-pressed to suggest just one or two. I suggest trying them all out at least once and then making two or three of them your regular do-drop-ins.

Fans listening to music at the Fitz and the Tantrum's concert at Trusit Point in High Point, NC

Who doesn’t love enjoying live tunes at your favorite High Point spots? High Point offers many different places to get outside and enjoy a relaxing afternoon listening to Live Music. | Photography by High Point Market

If the stars (or the Sun) align just right, I still have time for a deep tissue massage or refreshing facial at Rituals on North Elm Street. Insider tip: unlike many spas, Rituals has late afternoon and evening appointments on the weekends. Yay!

Five minutes after I pay for my spa service, I’m back home (it’s a quality of life benefit to living here, y’all.) I’ll prepare dinner using some of that Farmer’s Market fresh produce, eating on my deck where I can smell the new flowers I potted earlier in the day. I stay put there well past twilight, reading, or sipping sweet tea and listening to the birds and crickets, waving to neighbors out giving their dogs an evening walk, and quietly saying a few words of gratitude for the best Saturday ever. That is, until next weekend.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team