The Community Clinic of High Point

Several months ago, we shared an article compiling a list of different helpers in High Point, doing their part to make sure our city stayed safe, healthy, and well-cared for in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the stories of kindness, generosity, and togetherness that have been shared with us. Today, we want to introduce you to a group of very special helpers in High Point: the Community Clinic of High Point.

The Community Clinic of High Point (CCHP) was founded in 1992 with the vision and hope that all members of our community could have access to quality healthcare services, regardless of the individual’s ability to pay for services. The clinic is open during five weekly clinics, and primary care physicians work on a volunteer basis. The men and women who give of their time to make sure all in our city have access to the healthcare they need are constantly making a difference in High Point – but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, their services have been of even more value!

Molly Jordan, Executive Director at CCHP, and Dr. Frosty Culp who volunteers at the clinic, both shared with us their insights on CCHP’s mission, operation and impact.

The outside of the Community Clinic of High Point building.

Molly Jordan, Executive Director at CCHP, and Dr. Frosty Culp stand together in the Community Clinic of High Point.

Molly Jordan, Executive Director at CCHP, and Dr. Frosty Culp

Molly, was first inspired to enter the medical field after completing a college internship at High Point Regional. She recounts how her mentors there demonstrated how rewarding health care would be.

“I really came full circle when I joined the Community Clinic,” Molly says. After graduating from HPU and going on to complete her graduate work, Molly worked as an operations director at a free clinic in South Carolina before making the move back to High Point. After working at the hospital for nearly 20 years, Molly made the shift back to the world of free clinics.

“Being part of something that makes such a difference in the lives of our patients is my favorite thing about my job,” Molly says. “When someone is sick or doesn’t feel well, everything is hard. And when you are also a lower-income individual or lack insurance to cover health care services, it is that much harder. These patients wouldn’t have access to care and supporting services without CCHP, and it is so gratifying to realize what a difference the Clinic’s work makes in our patients’ lives.”

Molly Jordan, Executive Director at CCHP sits at her desk in the Community Clinic of High Point.

Molly Jordan, Executive Director at CCHP

Community Clinic of High Point shelves full of prescription medications.

Dr. Culp, a retired High Point dentist, has spent his retirement staying busy and volunteering at various High Point-based facilities. He sees his work at the Clinic as a way to continue using his skills in a purposeful way for the community.

“I like being able to help these patients that have no other recourse for medical and dental care,” Dr. Culp says. “I need to stay busy, and this job gives me great pleasure and a sense of purpose.”

The Clinic, which has now almost 100 community volunteers does more than simply see patients for minor medical checkups. CCHP has an on-site pharmacy that dispenses over 24,000 prescriptions a year, on-site lab services, and specialty services that include behavioral health, cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonary, podiatry, and neurology.

“I think that the steady growth at the Clinic in terms of patients served and services offered is really a true testament to the incredible team of both employees and volunteers,” Molly says. “I’m incredibly proud to be part of their team and to work with them each day.”

Dr. Culp agrees: the team aspect of the CCHP volunteers is something that is indescribable and fulfilling.

“I appreciate the satisfaction and good feelings I have when at my job working with other retired professionals and knowing we are helping people that cannot afford the care,” he says. “It is a team feeling that I cannot explain.”

Dr. Frosty Culp, Retired High Point Dentist and volunteer at CCHP.

Dr. Frosty Culp, Retired High Point Dentist and volunteer at CCHP

Dr. Frosty Culp, Retired High Point Dentist and volunteer at CCHP sits at his desk filling out paperwork.

Ultimately, the goal of CCHP is to create a healthier, stronger community – both physically and holistically. Some patients at the Community Clinic even go on to improve their health to the point of securing employment, receiving insurance, and finding other healthcare services. But even those previous patients will return to the clinic, now as volunteers rather than as patients.

CCHP’s success in supporting each person in our city can only happen when each member of our community takes time to consider how we can become a helper to those around us.

“The Clinic is able to do what we do each day because of the support of this very generous community,” Molly explains. “We are supported every day with gifts of time and knowledge, as well as financial support for operations. As a volunteer-based organization, we always are looking for volunteers for clinical and non-clinical needs. Come join us as and help us help others, or support us by attending our fundraisers – the Last Chance for White Pants event each August and our annual Puttin’ on the Grits event each December.”

Community Clinic of High Point volunteer fills prescription bottle.

Dr. Frosty Culp helps a patient check into the Community Clinic of High Point.

Patient checks into the Community Clinic of High Point, talking to volunteer staff member.

So as we look to the example set before us like those of Molly, Dr. Culp, and the whole team at the Community Clinic of High Point, we want to ask, what would it look like for us to step up, to give of our time or resources, and start creating the good we want to see in our community?

We think Molly sums up the mentality we should all take when it comes to caring for our community: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Like CCHP, let’s start looking for ways to go together.

Keep discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography