Fall 2018 Trend Report


Ever wonder how the High Point Furniture Market actually impacts those of us who are residents of the city, but not involved in the industry?  You are not alone – we get this question all the time! Apart from the benefit to our economy, we’ll be experiencing the aftermath of Market first-hand whenever we go shopping within the next few months. The trends that developed here (in High Point!) during Furniture Market will be translated into retail stores you visit on “the regular” before you know it.

During Market, we scoured all of High Point in the showrooms downtown in search of the new trends, just for you (because we love our readers that much). We’re giving you a first look based on what we discovered:

Navy & Orange

Whether it was artwork, furniture or even light fixtures, the color combination of navy blue and orange was present.

Back in Black

A continuation of what we noticed while shopping Neocon (a trade show in Chicago focused on commercial furnishings and materials), black – and matte – finishes are back and better than ever before.


This woven-style trend was most prevalent in furnishings, but also made its way into mirror frames and even wallcoverings!


When you think of rattan, your mind may instantly go to outdoor furniture, however, rattan furniture and accessories are becoming more and more common indoors.

Curved & Geometric Sofas

Forget the ordinary! If chairs can have rounded backs, why can’t sofas and sectionals? We saw too many curved sofas to count while shopping Market.

Blush & Dusty Rose

We’ve known for a while that the light pink color referred to most commonly as “blush” or “dusty rose” is in style, but what you may want to know is that we don’t see it making its exit any time soon.

Emerald Green with Teal

A new color combination popped up in the showrooms this Fall and it has us intrigued. From bedding to furniture, this unique marriage will be one to watch in the coming months.

Weathered Metal

This trend was consistent across the board and hit almost every category except fabric. Look out for weathered metal in a variety of finishes and applications.

Black & White

While this color combination is not new, it definitely made itself known this Market – mostly through casegoods and art.

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Feature Image by High Point Market Authority

All other images by the design team at Barbour Spangle