Five Posts You Should Read About The High Point Market

In High Point, sometimes it feels like Furniture Market gets more hype than Christmas. But the nice thing about Market is that you don’t have to wait all year for it…with twice-annual Markets, each year you get two for one. Since it’s one of our personal favorite times of the year, we love compiling all the must-know pieces of information for both Market visitors and High Point locals. Whether you’re from around the world coming to High Point for a week, or you’ve lived here your whole life, it’s worth learning the ins and outs of Market.


And just because we love Market (and you) so much, we don’t want you to miss any of the details surrounding this time of year. If it’s the best foodie spots in town or the strategies behind the investments in High Point’s downtown, we’ve probably got an article that has info on everything from burgers to bags to bureaus. Check out links to our past articles on some of our favorite stories around Market.

8 Places to Grab Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day, and with your jam-packed Market mornings you can’t afford to skip it. Here is a list of eight fantastic spots to grab a quick bite before heading to Market.

The Best Burger Dives in High Point

So you’re finished with a long day at Market, and your stomach is grumbling. The best response? An amazing burger. Head over to one of these amazing burger joints and give yourself the much-deserved comfort food you crave.

The High Point University Guide to Enjoying the Furniture Capital

Not only is High Point home to the Market, it’s also home to so many incredible college students during the school year. Check out the resources that HPU students have expertly learned to tap nine months out of the year that will definitely benefit you as well. 

First-Timer’s Guide to High Point Market

Maybe this is your absolute first (or one of your first) Markets ever. That’s so exciting! We know you’re going to love it, and just to give you a little head start, check out this post breaking down what you need to know about your stay in High Point. 

Top 5 Burning Questions about High Point Market

What do I pack in my bag? Where do I go for resources once I’m there? How do I ship my purchases home? All those pressing questions and more you may not even know you have are answered for Market-goers in this post.

Take some time to explore these articles, and check out all our Market posts in the sidebar under Market Insider. We hope they make you that much more excited and prepared for this year’s Furniture Market.

Discovering our High Points,

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Cover Image Photography by High Point Market Authority