Fourth of July Reflections

Are you finding ways to have a socially distant yet celebratory Fourth of July? Over the course of America’s history, we’ve seen some dark times: wars, pandemics, economic crisis, and more. So 2020 will not be the first year that we aren’t able to celebrate holidays the way we’d like to! Yet what’s most important about any holiday – and especially one celebrating our nation’s beginnings – is that we continue rallying together as a community to see how far we’ve come and to reimagine what the future might hold.

Particularly this year, we hope that you can reflect on our nation’s history – both the good and the bad – with an understanding that it’s up to us to continue making High Point a better place for every person in our city to call home.

So while you may not be able to see fireworks or head to that big pool party this year, it’s our hope that maybe the slower pace of this holiday will give you the chance to reflect on our city’s history. One great way to do that is through all the resources at the High Point Museum ! While the museum is still closed to the public, they have a full online catalog, virtual exhibits, and historical resources that you can access right from the safety of your home.  

The collection of resources for you and your family to explore this summer is extensive, but we’ve selected a few that we think are particularly fitting for the Fourth of July.

Map of High Point Historic Markers

Group gathers at a historic marker in High Point for "Oakwood Memorial Cemetery 'Colored Section.'"

A map of local historic markers in High Point.

Want to get outside and enjoy the summer day this July 4th? Even if you can’t go to the lake or the park, take your family on a scavenger hunt of the High Point Historic Markers! See how many on this map you can find, and take photos under each one. Spend your Fourth experiencing the history of the city in all of the most historic sites!

High Point Men and Women Who Served in World War I

What better way to celebrate the freedoms we experience than to uncover the names of the men and women who went before us to ensure that our nation and our world were protected from harm? Look through the names, and see if there are any you recognize!

An antique photo of a man standing in a war uniform.

An antique photo of a group of people, the men wearing war uniforms.

Online Collections

Photos from items all throughout High Point’s history have been documented and cataloged for you to observe. Engage the whole family in this catalog by reading the stories behind these items together and considering what the world looked like before our time.

A photo of antique eyeglasses and eyeglasses case.

52 Photos from High Point’s 50th Birthday Celebration

The High Point Museum captured 52 photos throughout High Point’s history for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the High Point Historical Society. These photos give a very real look into the past, and can be a great way to reflect on how far we’ve come.

An antique photo of people sitting and standing together.

An antique photo of a group of people standing in front of an oversized dresser.

An antique photo shows a group of girl scouts.

Research Your Family History

Does your family have a generational history in High Point? Explore everything from census records to High Point high school yearbooks to trace members of your family and their life in High Point. Celebrate your familial history while you celebrate the history of our nation.

An old drawing of High Point, North Carolina's Main Street.

Ultimately, we believe that our history and our past should celebrate both the triumphs of our community and reveal the places we failed. Only then can we spot the places our ancestors missed in their quest for freedom and work hard to bring about unity for all. And the biggest key to knowing how to move forward? Studying our past! That’s why we’re so thankful for the High Point Museum and all they do to document High Point’s past.

Keep discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

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Feature Image by Alisha Schwanke Photography

Articles Images Courtesy of High Point Musuem