Fun Winter for Tweens and Teens


A teenager dancing to music in her room.

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Think you’re running out of things to do in High Point? Looking for something fun to do after you get out of school? Or maybe you’re new to the area and looking for a way to meet new people. Well, whatever your reason is, High Point has some great options for Teens (and tweens) to hang out! So, here are our ideas for Great Teen Activities.

Grab coffee – A great way to spend an afternoon is with some friends at one of High Point’s local coffee shops. Our favorite shops are 83 Custom Coffee, DeBeen and Penny Path Cafe. All three of these shops have a great social atmosphere, good Wi-Fi, and yummy (fresh baked) pastries!

A picture of coffee brewing in a pourover at FosterHobbs Coffee Roasters in High Point, NC.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Get boba or rolled Ice-cream –  Unless you are living under a rock (or don’t have instagram) we feel sure you’ve seen boba tea or rolled Ice-cream on Instagram. These sweet treats went viral a few years ago for their unique looks and super-yummy taste. Tea Time in High Point serves boba, rolled Ice-cream, and other sweet treats.

A rolled ice cream with Oreos and sprinkles.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Bowling – High Point Bowling Center is a great way to have a fun night without breaking the bank. They offer bowling –of course—as well as a sports grill that serves all kinds of food that you can have delivered to your lane as you bowl! They even have cosmic bowling on Saturday nights where they dim the lights, turn up the music, and throw in a few amazing special effects!

A bowling ball about to hit three white pins.

Photography by High Point Bowling Center

Movie night – High Point has two movie theaters. AMC theater on North Main Street offers all the current box office hits at a discount. The Palladium just off Highway 68 (Eastchester Drive) offers movies in real-D, 3-D, IMAX and more, plus they have super comfy reclining chairs – perfect for moving watching (or napping)!

A woman eating popcorn at the movie theater.

Photography by AMC High Point

City Lake Park – A great way to spend an afternoon in the sun, City Lake Park offers many water-based activities like fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Be sure to bring your sunscreen, even if its cloudy (your mom asked us to remind you).

Get Air – Covered in wall-to-wall trampolines, Get Air Trampoline Park has plenty of games, foam pits, and jungle gyms to have a flying-high good time. Teen Tip: Go with a crowd of friends to play dodgeball or have a trick competition into the foam pits!

A man dunking a basketball at Get Air

Photography by Get Air

Putt-Putt – A true classic in High Point, Putt-Putt is always a good go-to place for some all-day-into-the-night fun. You can play plenty of rounds for cheap and even have a go in the retro arcade inside. Teen Tip: after a few rounds of Putt-Putt, walk across the parking lot to Cook-Out and get one of their 40+ fancy milkshakes!

Youth Groups – Many churches and organizations in High Point have youth groups that go on amazing outings, have pizza nights, knock out community service hours, movie nights, and more! Visit your local church or check out Young Life to learn more about their Youth programs.

Local High School Sporting Events – With several high schools in the area, you can always count on a good sports game to cheer on. The energy from the students and other spectators can be electrifying. Be sure to check school websites for game dates and locations.

Attend a High Point University Event – Being a college town certainly has its perks! Having competitive sports and cultural events are part of that perk.  HPU has a ton of sporting events during the year as well as events open to the community like the Christmas Festival. Check their website for event dates and locations and check out our article about the statues at HPU for an incredible walking tour on campus. Teen (or Parent) Tip: Before you go research parking options. Sometimes for events you can park off campus and the school will have a shuttle to take you to and from your car!

A photo of HPU students by Roberts Hall

Photography by HPU

Get Fit – High Point has several great gyms for all your fitness needs, whether you want to lift weights or do some CrossFit, you can find a gym that fits your needs. Selecting a gym really comes down to personal preference, so we suggest you visit the options in person to find the facility, equipment, classes, staff and overall vibe that fits you best. Most gyms offer complimentary tours.  Teen Tip: Many of the local gyms have special programs geared just for teens!

Join the YMCA – High Point’s YMCA has great youth programs that are a sure-fire way to meet other teens while having a great time. These programs change regularly to keep everything fresh and interesting so be sure to check their website to see what they have in store for you and your friends!

Feature image of the lobby at the High Point YMCA in High Point, NC

Photography by Barbour Spangle Design

Community Theatre – High Point has an impressive community theatre program. They put on several professional-level shows a year. Participation in a show is a great way to meet new people, gain important public speaking skills, plus, it looks GREAT on a college resume. But, if you’d rather watch the shows you can do that too. Take some friends and have a theatre night downtown. Check their website for upcoming auditions and show information.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image by ZoZo Photography