Hair Care for Quarantine

Brittany Hall stands outside of her High Point salon, Brittany Hall Hair and Makeup Design in High Point, NC

We’ve lost access to a lot of things in the last two months – special events we had planned, concerts we were looking forward to, our favorite restaurant, brewery, or coffee shop – but another on our list of places to miss is our hair salon! Giving your hair a little TLC may have seemed like a small thing at one time, but now we’re sitting at home with our split ends and realizing how much we took hair care for granted.

While hair salons and barbers are still closed in North Carolina right now, we talked with Brittany Hall of Brittany Hall Hair and Makeup about her top hair care tips to get you through quarantine until you can be back in your stylist.

1. Do not cut or color your hair at home

Brittany Hall straightens out the hair of a woman sitting in a salon chair.

As tempting as it may be when you see those split ends or those grown out roots, Brittany says cutting or coloring your hair is the biggest no no for home hair care.

“It’s easier for us stylists to know we were the last ones that colored your hair,” Brittany explains. “Then we know exactly what color was on it from the previous time.”  

A new box color incorrectly applied at home can give the base color of your hair strange tints and tones that can be harder for your stylist to undo once your back in the salon. And an at home hair cut may not be seen by anyone right now, but your stylist will be able to work with your hair much more easily if you stay away from experimenting with the scissors.

2. Experiment with different styles

A woman in big glasses and a bright dress lounges on a wooden, cushioned sofa..

If you can’t keep the hair boredom at bay, instead of making a drastic change you can’t undo, try experimenting with new ways to style your hair. Brittany encourages people to explore Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram for tutorials on new styles to try.  

“If you’re in a rut of just blow drying really quickly and running your straightener through your hair, now’s a good time to practice curling your hair or trying a braid,” Brittany says. “That way once we’re out of quarantine and you do have a party to go to, at least you’ll have practiced something new to use!”

3. Load up on accessories

An open drawer in a counter with hair styling products and hair brushes.

Brittany adds that if you’re used to wearing your hair the same way everyday, now could be the time to try new accessories as well. If you always throw your hair in a topknot, maybe try ordering some headbands or clips to style your hair down. If you tend to keep your hair down, grab a scrunchy or scarf, and try an updo.

4. Use detangler and wet brush on kids.

If your little ones’ hair is growing out past the point of unruliness, you know this can become the source of many tears over many tangles! Brittany says if your kiddos are old enough not to squirm too much in the tub or shower and risk getting soap in their eyes, you can use a little bit of conditioner to soften their hair to avoid as many knots. She also recommends a little bit of detangler spray, brushed through with a Wet Brush or a wide-tooth comb.

5. Go longer between washing your hair

A bathroom shower shelf with two bottles of shampoo or conditioner and two bars of black soap.

Even though many people are quick to wash their hair daily to keep oiliness far away, Brittany says going longer between washes is better for your hair and scalp. “Training” your hair to go longer between washes without excess oil can take several weeks, so Brittany says quarantine is the perfect time to give it a try.

“No one is seeing your hair anyway!” she laughs. So take a break between shampoos and give your hair time to rejuvenate.

6. Try a deep conditioning treatment

Brittany Hall blow dries a woman's hair out of focus with a bottle of hair styling product in the foreground.

Brittany says one of the best things you can do for those pesky dry or split ends is to try a deep conditioning treatment when you do wash your hair. A conditioning treatment can replenish and hydrate your hair to keep the frizz and dryness from happening. Brittany recommends Virtue, a hair care product line based out of Raleigh, N.C. (so you get to support our state’s local businesses when you shop there!). Their restorative treatment mask is a great way to add some hydration to your locks.

7. Let it air dry

An open counter drawer with a blow dryer and several other hair tools.

While you don’t have as many places to go and aren’t on quite the same time crunch, give your hair a break from the heat. Put down the blow dryer, and instead let your hair air dry. This is a great time to let your hair rest and repair some damage that can happen over time from heating products.

8. Wear a hat

A woman in a black dress wearing a straw and black hat smiling and holding an iced coffee.

If all else fails, a hat is still an answer to bad hair days! Brittany also adds that as we’re all spending more time outside these days, it’s especially important to protect your hair and scalp from the sun. The sun actually fades color faster, and can cause sun damage, as well as burn the top of your head. So remember to toss on your favorite baseball cap or floppy hat if you’re going for a walk or spending time in the yard.

A bad hair doesn’t last forever, and quarantine won’t either. Just like your mind, give your body (including your hair!) time to rest. And know that Brittany Hall and all your favorite hair stylist friends will be excited to have you back in their chairs soon!

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Photography by Maria West Photography