High Point Dentists Fill Us In

When you hear the words, “dentist appointment,” you may cringe a little. It may set your teeth on edge (pun intended!), but when you have dentists as good as the ones we have in High Point, there really is nothing to fear. Tomorrow is National Dentist’s Day, so we spoke to two of High Point’s best to drill down on what it means to be in the business of teeth.  

We spoke with Dr. Less Bass Nunn, owner of Nunn Dentistry, along with retired High Point dentist, Dr. Frosty Culp, who owned his practice for more than 30 years and now volunteers at the Community Clinic of High Point. Keep reading to learn a little more about how these two bring smiles across our city.  

Dr. Lee Bass Nunn, dentist at Nunn Dentistry in High Point, NC wears scrubs and leans on the counter in her office.

Dr. Lee Bass Nunn, Nunn Dentistry

Dr. Frosty Culp, retired dentist from High Point, NC smiles at the camera while leaning on a wall at the Community Clinic of High Point.

Dr. Frosty Culp

Question: How did you decide to pursue dentistry?  

Dr. Culp: I liked to work with my hands, and I wanted a doctorpatient relationship. 

Dr. Nunn: My father is a retired dentist and was a huge influence on my decision to pursue dentistry.   

A photo in a frame with toothbrushes and toothpaste of Dr. Lee Bass Nunn with her father, Dr. Bass.

Dr. Nunn with her father, Dr. Bass

Question: How long have you practiced dentistry?   

Dr. Culp: I retired in 2012 after 32 years of practice.  

Dr. Nunn: I’ve been practicing for 26 years. 

Dr. Lee Bass Nunn of Nunn Dentistry takes dental implants out of a machine.

Question: What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?  

Dr. Nunn: Picking one thing is tough, but I would have to say the people (including but not limited to my staff, my patients, and of course their SMILES!). 

Dr. Culp: My favorite part was the interaction with the patients and the ability to help people improve their smiles and their self-confidence. 

Dr. Frosty Culp sits at a desk, talking to a patient in the Community Clinic of High Point

Dr. Frosty Culp at the Community Clinic of High Point where he now volunteers.

Question: How do you see your impact on the High Point community through dentistry? 

Dr. Culp: The impact of dentistry is to help maintain general health and help people feel better about their appearance. 

Dr. Nunn: I have spent my career building relationships and trying to create the best dental experience for my family of patients.  As a result, I would like to think that my impact has been providing quality dental healthcare to the High Point community.   

Dr. Lee Bass Nunn of Nunn Dentistry works in her office in High Point, NC.

Dr. Lee Bass Nunn

 Question: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about dentists?  

Dr. Nunn: We get cavities too and some of us have a sweet tooth (of course, this specifically applies to me). 

Dr. Culp: Dentists are very creative and able to many things with their hands, like carving birds for example! 

Dr. Frosty Culp sits at a desk in the Community Clinic of High Point working on paperwork.

Question: What would you say to people who are nervous about going to the dentist?  

Dr. Culp: Try using headphones with your favorite music to tune out the noise and get your mind and body relaxed. 

Dr. Nunn: The anticipation is always worse than the actual appointment. We have all been patients at some point; we try very hard to treat our patients as we would want to be treated. 

A floor mat that says "Smile" in the doorway of Nunn Denistry in High Point, NC.

Thanks to doctors like Dr. Nunn and Dr. Culp, we know that the patients of High Point are treated with the absolute best care – which makes that next cleaning or filling a little less stressful! Explore more about Nunn Dentistry or Dr. Culp’s former practice, now Fielden Family Dentistry, to find a High Point dentist that will make your smile shine!  

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Photography by Maria West Photography