High Point Discovered’s GPS: Finding Your Way Around the Blog!

Why did we create High Point Discovered?”  I hear this question often and the answer is easy.  There are so many great things about this city to share, the more logical question to us was “Why not?”.

By shining a light on our local thinkers, visionaries, makers, movers and shakers, secret spots and hidden treasures, we set out to celebrate the richness of the city behind the bi-annual furniture market we’re known for.

Two years later, we find we’re far from alone in our love for this incredible community we call home. High Point Discovered has become a community in itself—attracting followers with beautiful imagery, unique stories, and other content that seems to touch the hearts of locals and visitors alike.  For this, we thank you.

Storytelling.  That’s what we do.  And let me be the first to share with you – we love doing it.  Each month our entire editorial team sits down together to talk about you, our readers, and what would be important or interesting for you to know.  Who you need to meet.  Where you need to go.

So let us introduce you (or reintroduce you if you need it) to High Point.

This is a city filled with visionaries who are changing our world, risk takers who make it a better place for us to all live, movers and shakers who are making things happen and so much more.   In fact, there are so many stories to share that our categories help us stay on track.  You will find these on the right side of our blog for easy access to these stories.

A View On, is where you will find information about local businesses and  more importantly their story.  By sharing these we hope you will learn more about the ways you can support local business like Friendship Plant Company and FosterHobbs CoffeeAmerican Express encourages us to Shop Small on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we want you to #shoplocal in High Point all year long!

Friendship Plant Co. | ZoZo Photography

Foster Hobbs | ZoZo Photography

Architectural Stories highlights the amazing architecture we have in this creative city.  Imagine, where else can you go that has half of a ship Downtown on one street, a glass domed transportation terminal, historic building like the US Post Office and a ribbon inspired building all within 5 blocks of one another?  Seriously friends, it’s mind blowing to visitors so we wanted to celebrate these wonders right here on our pages.

Natuzzi Ship Building | Photography by High Point Market Authority

Transportation Terminal | Photography by High Point Market Authority

United States Post Office in High Point | Photography by High Point Market Authority

The High Point Rockers baseball first pitch is next week!  It’s an exciting time here in town and we are grateful to share the stories behind the group of brilliant folks putting this team together.  Our brainstorming sessions have been nothing short of awe inspiring and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the Rocker’s at the same level we have.

High Point Rockers | ZoZo Photography

Changemakers is where we get to share the stories of the people making a real difference in the lives of our community.  People like Lisa Hawley of Feeding Lisa’s Kids and Bob Uber of Heroes Center Veterans Support Camp.  This category in particular moves me each time we post.  We hope you will support the organizations that move you to do so.

Feeding Lisa’s Kids | ZoZo Photography

Bob Uber of Heroes Center Veterans Support Camp | ZoZo Photography

HP Stands for Happy Place, right?  Of course this is a happy place and it’s a testament to why we started High Point Discovered.  Here is where we share stories like that of Isaiah Tatum, an outstanding and entrepreneurial student marching to the beat of his own drum.

Isaiah Tatum | Maria West Photography

Unless you have been living under a rock (hey, no judgement here) there is no doubt you recognize the impact High Point University has on our community.  But did you know the HPU Family contributes100,000 hours of annual community service in the city of High Point, equaling 1 million hours over the last decade! Or, that they have donated $2.4 million to the United Way of Greater High Point since 2005? Or how about that their students have donated 60,000 pounds of food to Open Door ministries? Yes, HPU has had quite an impact on our community indeed.

High Point University | Photography by HPU

Local Love is where you will find stories of local families like Sarah & Austin Petty and why they choose to call High Point home.  Or the tear inducing 70+ year love affair of Bert and Shirley Rau have had while living here in High Point.

The Petty Family

Bert and Shirley Rau | ZoZo Photography

The Market Insider is where we can share our many years of experience on how to get the most out of market.  But its not just directed to our market visitor friends!  Our hope is locals and visitors alike can learn more about the single largest economic impact to our state: $6.7 billion dollars (yes, that billion with a B).  We want our local friends to love our market friends (and vice versa) just as much as we do.

High Point Market | Amber Renea Photography

High Point Market | Photo by High Point Market Authority

High Point Market | ZoZo Photography

High Point Market | Photo by High Point Market Authority

And last but not least is Voices Discovered, a section dedicated to the visionaries who are taking risks and enacting change here in High Point.  Such as the story telling Glenn Chavis does on his Washington Street walking tours.  Or Haley Bossart, a High Point University #femaleboss who is inspiring students to find their true health and happiness here in High Point.

Haley Bossart | Alisha Schwanke Photography

Friends, there is so much more story telling to do and beautiful imagery to share.  We hope you will join our enthusiasm and share us with your friends.  And if you are so inspired, head on over to our social media channels to nominate someone to feature @highpointdiscovered.  We look forward to hearing from you!

With Gratitude, Christi