#HPMkt’s Impact on Our Community

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Hey, hey, hey! It’s almost High Point Market time! The countdown has officially begun to host over 75,000 visitors to our Creative City. While we understand this may be inconvenient in some ways – think longer grocery store lines, full restaurants, and busy streets – it’s also an amazing blessing for our community and countless others. For this reason, we are sharing some lesser known facts about how #HPMarket impacts our city, in hopes it will shift your mindset (if in fact you need to) to embrace our market friends with open arms and a friendly smile. Heck, why not even go out on a limb when you are in that extra long grocery line and say to someone who is obviously from out of town:

“Hi there! Welcome to High Point! We are really happy you guys are here!”

What’s in it for Me? Let’s be honest, when we come across challenges in our every day routine sometimes it helps to know what the advantages are in order to embrace them. Right? Well, how about this statistic to help you open those arms wide: High Point market has a $5.4 billion economic impact on our state. In case you missed it, that was Billion, with a B. Let’s look at how this impacts you.

Our Restaurants

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We have some pretty amazing restaurant options right here in town (and if you don’t know what they are you need to read our blog more often)! Dare we say, we are even becoming a foodie town with more options opening often. Those restaurants typically cater to our market friends whether its true catering services or simply a packed restaurant during market weeks. Either way, this boost is exactly what small restauranteurs need to keep their engines running. And, this ensures all of our favorites stick around between markets!

Extra Income

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Market related work accounts for 13,000 jobs just from the event itself, not including all the other additional hands local businesses need to pull the event off. This brings thousands of dollars in extra income to people in our community and beyond. How? Here is a sampling of ways to make money:

  • Rent your house. If you have somewhere to go (think in-laws, second home, a vacation) you can rent your entire home to market visitors.
  • If you don’t want to move out entirely, AirBNB is a great way to rent just part of your house. For more information, check out the post from our friends over at High Point Market Authority: http://www.highpointmarket.org/plan-your-trip/private-homes
  • Get a market job. The market buildings, exhibitors and the countless event service providers are all looking for responsible smiling faces to help them reach their market goals. While you are not going to make a fortune working market (no, those rumors of small ransom payments for market related work simply are not true), you can make a healthy bonus addition to your everyday budget!

This extra income helps to make life more enjoyable for many of your neighbors. We hear stories about extra market funds helping to pay toward college education, taking a special trip, covering the extra costs of a wedding, funding private school, and for some, even just every day living expenses.

Our Community

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Think about all the ways our community is impacted thanks to the fact we host the states largest economic event every year! North Carolina, you are welcome.

Local charities like churches and service organizations receive donations and funds through a variety of things such as:

  • Parking – Many lots in the downtown area are opened up for organizations to “sell” parking and those proceeds go to charity.
  • Food – The Parson’s Table has been serving lunch since 1978 and is a ministry of the First United Methodist, High Point’s United Methodist Women.

And what about all those businesses that cater specifically to the High Point market? Entrepreneurs have tapped into the specific needs of an event like market and have opened countless successful businesses that our community benefits from as well. Think: Cleaning, Signage, Trucking, Printing, Florals & Greenery and so many more have been started – and continue to thrive – in part thanks to market!

Our Amenities

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Thanks to market, our downtown has many things that typically a city our size would not get to enjoy. It is in part due to our furniture history heritage and the support of locals that we get to enjoy so many wonderful extras such as:

  • The Mendenhall Transportation Terminal is a beautiful glass bus terminal that when not in use for market, has been home to countless outdoor festivals and events.
  • Buildings like HP365 (aka Union Square Loft) is a great venue for parties and weddings.
  • The String & Splinter, a fine dining and event club was founded in 1956 by members of High Point’s furniture and hosiery industries.
  • Pandora’s Manor, a boutique bed and breakfast created by and for the furniture industry is also open to the public for community events.
  • The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library is the largest furniture specialty library in the world and open 5 days a week to both the furniture industry and the trade.

There you have it. A short summary of just a few of the many reasons we High Pointers can enthusiastically welcome our High Point Market friends with open and loving arms. So, don’t forget: when you see someone from out of town over the next few weeks – and we know you will – be sure to speak up and let them know just how amazing the city of High Point is!!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Cover Image by High Point Market Authority

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