High Point Rockers: Seeing the Rockers through Rose-Colored Lockers

Color says a lot about something. Psychologically, colors can actually steer our brains to different emotions. Red can signal power, passion, and excitement. Blue may signal peace, trust or loyalty.

But what about… Pink? 

For the High Point Rockers, pink is a color they plan to use to hit the enemy where they least expect it: in the visiting team’s locker room.

High Point Rockers Pink Locker Room | ZoZo Photography

Yep, that’s right. While most of the under-workings of the High Point Rockers’ stadium is decked out in the bright blues and reds that the team uses for their own brand, the visiting team’s locker room is floor to ceiling Pepto Bismol pink!

When you step inside the locker room, there is not one square inch that seems free of the radiating hot pink color. From the door frames, to the lockers, to the walls, it’s just pink, pink, and more pink.

High Point Rockers Pink Locker Room | ZoZo Photography

Why was this decision made you might ask? President for the High Point Rockers, Ken Lehner explains that there is something psychologically jarring being in an environment that is so glaringly bright.

High Point Rockers Pink Locker Room | ZoZo Photography

Christian Heimall, the assistant general manager of the Rockers laughs when discussing the soon-to-be infamous pink locker room.

“We want teams to hate coming to play us!” Christian jokes. The Rockers want to be a force to be reckoned with – a force other teams don’t want to mess with — right down to their locker room.

But the pink in the locker room will also be used for good. The team plans to have fundraiser nights, like “Pack the Park Pink,” where fans will he encouraged to wear pink in support of breast cancer research.

Whether blue, red, or even pink, we can’t wait to see more tricks the High Point Rockers have up their sleeves. We have a feeling it will leave us all tickled pink!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image by ZoZo Photography