Hot Spots for Vegetarians

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We’ve got some amazing restaurants here in High Point, which should be no secret to frequent readers of our blog. If you’re looking for a tasty treat – from burgers to wings to tacos – we’ve got delectable suggestions for you. But we know that for many High Pointers, some of these options may not be your cup of tea. If you choose not to eat meat, you may be left wondering where to get your food fix. That’s why this week we have compiled some of our favorite High Point hot spots (and dishes) for vegetarians.

Lulu & Blu

2140 N. Main St.

Lulu and Blu has so many great vegetarian options – from their braised kale to their roasted portobello wrap. Even better? Check out their menu for items that can easily be made vegetarian or vegan while still staying delicious.

Blue Zucchini

1506 N Main St

Blue Zucchini is a great place to grab a vegetarian bite, like their black bean cakes, their hipster burger, or their amazing strawberry fields salad. You can also customize their “Blue’s Bowls” to be vegetarian, by asking for sautéed veggies as your protein. YUM!


805 N Main St #101

Sumela has many dishes for vegetarians, like the falafel or the spanakopita. You can easily turn any of their vegetarian appetizers into a meal by adding a side salad or some extra pita and hummus.

Magnolia Blue

1807 N Main St

Along with their yummy salads, Magnolia Blue recently debuted their Impossible Burger – a meatless and vegan burger substitute. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, it’s worth giving the Impossible Burger a taste.

98 Asian Bistro

1800 N Main St

98 Asian Bistro is one of our favorite vegetarian-friendly spots. Among the custom vegetarian dishes you can order (almost all dishes can be ordered with veggies or tofu) their pho soup is a vegetarian and non-vegetarian favorite.

Blue Rock Pizza

1529 N Main St

Blue Rock has some great vegetarian and vegan options that go beyond just their amazing salads. Their “Loose Lucy’ vegan sandwich is made up of quinoa, a corn and roasted red pepper burger, and more. And their “Trippin’ Billies” pizza is covered in delicious mushrooms and herbs.

To all our vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends alike, we hope you try some of these meatless and mouth-watering options soon.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Photography by Maria West Photography