Introducing High Point Discovered: The Magazine

Seven years. Can you believe it’s been almost seven years since the founding of High Point Discovered? For almost seven years, High Point Discovered has had one mission: to help you to discover all there is to love about High Point, NC. We do that through so many ways – this online blog, our social media, stunning videos, beautiful photography, people-centered storytelling, and more! And on that list of ways we tell the stories of our city, we have a lot of future plans, hopes, and dreams. One of those future dreams, since the very beginning of High Point Discovered, has always been to create something tangible, something you could hold in your hands to see High Point through a rose-colored lens.  

Now, seven years later, that vision has finally come to life!

Introducing, High Point Discovered: The Magazine!

Several copies of High Point Discovered: The Magazine lay fanned on a table showcasing all that High Point, NC has to offer.

At long last – we are adding a new type of storytelling platform to our lineup. While our online blog will keep coming out each week, and our social media will still be where you can connect with us daily, The Magazine is a keepsake, a year memorialized in the life of our city and our community. It’s a piece you could keep on your coffee table or bookshelf all year long to help others fall in love with this city too. 

Because this magazine isn't just a magazine. It's a High Point narrative – just like the very first blog post that our founder Christi Barbour penned, this magazine is our love letter to High Point.   

At the beginning of High Point Discovered, our founder, Christi Barbour, sat down with our now Director of Visuals and Photography, Maria West, to decide how we wanted to capture High Point, NC. We wanted everyone to see High Point the way we see it – full of beautiful places, faces, passions, and good works.  

24-Magazine Flat Lay_510

So it should come as no surprise that when you open the pages of our new magazine, you will see a wide colorful lens cast on High Point. We wanted each of you to pick up this magazine, fan through, and immediately see our thriving arts community, our growing green spaces, our awe-inspiring architecture, our delicious food, our live music scene, our entrepreneurial business community, our love of family, our dedication to giving back, and much, much more.  

We then wanted you to sit down and read the stories penned by our Creative Director and Lead Writer, Hannah Ray. The stories, that capture the hearts behind those High Point faces – philanthropists, students, marketers, CEOs, parents, boutique owners, coffee shop operators, educators, musicians, historians, and more. We wanted you to get to know your neighbors – the people who make High Point great – for yourself. 

3-Magazine Flat Lay_469

We wanted to have something to hold in our hands to remind us all why we are so proud to be from High Point, NC.  

So what all can you expect to find in this magazine?  

  • Four full feature stories – sharing about everything from our city’s history to our architecture, to our downtown revitalization, to our growing business community.  
  • Community Meet & Greet with some pretty wonderful people around town!  
  • Recommendations for places to grab High Point-based eats, drinks, and treats. 
  • Shout-outs to some of the reasons we are proud to be High Pointers.  
  • QR Codes that take you to HPD landing pages where we offer exclusive discounts, share High Point happenings, and keep you in the know about new businesses opening their doors!  
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Where can you get a copy of the magazine for yourself – FOR FREE?  

If you can’t make it to any of our locations, we got you covered! 

It’s time to tell the story of High Point – in a whole new way. Are you ready to join us?

Discover our High Points, 

The HPD Team

High Point Discovered would like to thank the DRIVE High Point Foundation, a non-profit funded by the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau for their generous grant that made this publication possible. We also thank our anonymous donors who supported this project through their giving. Your support and demonstrated belief made this resource a reality. 

Photography by Zander Betterton