Long Term Investments in High Point’s Downtown

While many locals may still feel like High Point has a small-town feel, our city would beg to differ! A quick drive through downtown, and you can see all the ways it has changed and grown over the years. Gorgeous architecture and breathtaking buildings make it pretty obvious that High Point has always been and continues to be a design-driven city!

And did you know we have High Point Furniture Market to thank for a lot of those beautiful buildings? For years, furniture companies have been coming to High Point for the international trade shows, and many of them have decided to invest in building the architectural wonders for our city to enjoy year round. And in fact, some furniture companies go into older buildings that need a little facelift, and transform them into beautiful works of architectural art, to house their companies and products.  Either way, the city (and all of us) benefit from these improvement investments.  Just take a look around this picturesque city!

Photography by HP Market Authority

Photography by HP Market Authority

One building that leaves us speechless is the Christopher Guy building in downtown High Point. With a chic, modern, metropolitan feel, this building built by world-renowned furniture designer, Christopher Guy (with the guidance of local architecture firm Freeman Kennett) was the first new market building built in downtown High Point in 10 years! This commitment sparked others to follow.

This year marks the 110th Anniversary of High Point Market. Now that’s an anniversary to celebrate!  And speaking of celebrating, the long-term investment of furniture companies who choose (or have chosen) to build, buy or renovate buildings in High Point speaks to the strength of the High Point Market for generations to come.

Photography by HP Market Authority

Photography by ZoZo Photography

And so many other incredible buildings have been built by companies who have put their flag in the ground of High Point’s soil, assuring the High Point Furniture Market as an international checkpoint for all things furniture and design. Markor (Caracole & ART), ECI, Holland House, Parker House, Art Addiction, Najarian, and The Bank have all recently built long term showrooms here in High Point.

Markor | Photography by HP Market Authority

It’s pretty clear that the furniture industry has had a long-time love affair with the city of High Point and as with any great relationship, the bond keeps growing stronger! And for locals and visitors alike, that means enjoying the aesthetics and architecture that pepper our city’s skyline and being proud to call High Point, our Furniture Capital home.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team