Making Design ConneXions


So you may think that High Point Market comes in, sets up shop, builds connections, sells products, invites visitors, informs buyers, and then packs up and leave? YEAH RIGHT! High Point Market is so much more than that! Not only is it a year-long, full-time job for all those who are employed with High Point Market Authority, IHFC, design agencies, furniture manufacturers, and more, it constantly drives up the value of High Point as a premier location in the design world.

Material ConneXion | Photography by Keith Isaas Photo

One of the biggest and most exciting connections that High Point has made thanks to Market is Material ConneXion. Material ConneXion is one of the absolute brightest, most cutting-edge design business partners, because they bring more than 8,000 materials of all kinds from all around the world to designers. Meaning they have resource libraries literally filled with incredible and innovative products that designers in all fields—everything from interiors to technology to transportation—can engage with. They have researchers, designers, and strategists on-staff to help Material ConneXion members create their own virtual libraries of curated products, with trending and relevant materials refreshed each quarter. They even provide guidance to designers on the process from material usage, to marketing, to packaging. The design side of our business feels our mouths watering.

Material ConneXion | Photography by Keith Isaas Photo

But what does this all this design goodness mean for High Point? Well Material ConneXion is opening a location for their physical resource library right here in High Point. They’re located in the Plant Seven building where designers of everything from cars to coolers, and bath rugs to boats can find the textile, plastic, metal, paper, ceramic, string, moss or stone material resource they need. And with only one other locations on the east coast—NYC —High Point just went up in demand, and coolness factor!

Material ConneXion | Photography by Keith Isaas Photo

In fact, Material ConneXion is a partner with High Point Market because of Market’s highly influential legacy in the textile, innovations and design industry. And since some of Material ConneXion’s brands are located near High Point, this location means the company will be investing more in creating events for the design community throughout the year.

So to all you locals, that means you’re living in a city with one of the most unique, highly sought-after design resources in the world. And for all our Market visitors, we hope you’ll not only stick around for Market but keeping coming back for more and more of these incredible design services that High Point is honored to provide. We feel pretty lucky that while High Point Market may only happen twice a year, good design is High Point’s full-time job.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Photography by Keith Isaas Photo