Market by the Numbers


High Point friends, today we are speaking directly to you. In just a few short weeks our city will almost double (yes, you read that right) double in size. We – as a community – want to extend a very warm welcome to all those visitors when they arrive. For this reason (and to give you a little extra incentive to share a super wide smile) we thought we would give you a snap shot of the impact market has on our Creative City.

Friends, the numbers above prove just. how. significant. this market is to the vibrant life of our community. High Point is filled with artists, artisans, craftsman, makers and entrepreneurs that are influencing our WORLD!

We, High Point, is looked to as the place to come for what is happening in the furniture and design industry. So stand tall, be proud and give our Market Friends a very gracious and Southern welcome to High Point. It is a privilege to host this international event!

Enjoy discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Photography by High Point Market Authority