Market Essentials: Your Furniture Market Packing List

A image of items from a purse which include a phone, wallet, planner, and jewelry just to name a few.

The High Point Market is gearing up, and you could not be more ready. Your ticket has been purchased, your flights have been booked, your expectations are high, your bags are… well, not quite packed. Everyone knows that packing can be a little boring and even a little stressful before a big trip. If it’s your first time to High Point, it may even be a little overwhelming to know what to bring to a tradeshow. So look no further for your packing list. High Point Discovered has the essentials mapped out for you. Over our years of being a Market insider, we’ve learned a few things about what to bring and what to leave at home. Here is your list of all the necessities you’ll need to bring to Market this fall.

1. A Phone Charger

You’ll be snapping a lot of photos, keeping your Instagram stories up to date, jotting down notes from your favorite speakers and exhibitors, adding new contacts, and so much more. Don’t get caught on low battery! To avoid getting stuck by an outlet, bring a portable charger that you can juice up before you leave for Market each morning.

2. A Sweater or Jacket

North Carolina weather may be fickle, but chances are during October Market there will be some crisp afternoons or evenings. Bringing a light jacket, sweater, wrap, or scarf is never a bad idea. Plus, you’ll be able to stay warm inside any rooms where the temperature has been lowered to accommodate the number of attendees.

3. Gum or Mints

You’ll be sampling a lot of tasty foods and drinks and having a lot of close up conversations. A quick way to feel refreshed? Pop a mint or some gum.

4. A Crossbody Bag or Phone Carrier

You’ll want your hands free while you shop around Market, so you may want to leave the chunky tote at home. A simple crossbody bag or even phone-holding Bandolier will do the trick.

5. Business Cards

The High Point Market is one of the premier places to build connections and network with people in the industry, so make sure you have plenty of business cards handy to share your information with all the stellar people you’re sure to meet.

6. Cash or Card

You’ll want to pick up things all throughout Market, so don’t forget to have payment handy.

7. Comfy Shoes

Yes, you want to look your best at Market, but you also want to feel your best. And when you’re on your feet as much as you will be, you’ve got to keep them feeling great. Don’t make the mistake of straining your body in your favorite pumps on the first day. Save the heels for the nights out, and grab your favorite fashion sneakers or cute flats for the showroom-strutting days

8. Plenty of Patterns

Don’t forget, in the world of design, you want to stand out! Bring all your favorite statement pieces – from mixed patterns to bright colors to fun jewelry. Leave your artistic mark with some fashion flare

And along with the essentials, here’s a few things you’ll want to leave at home or in the hotel:

1. Your Computer

Work can wait. It’s important to make the most of your Market experience by being fully present. Leave the laptop in the hotel room, and give your creativity time to refresh and recharge at Market.

2. Catalogs

You’ll be in the presence of some of the world’s most premier furniture and interior designers when you step into High Point’s showrooms. Soak it in, and leave the catalogs for shopping later.

3. Roller or Bulky Bags

Trust us. No one likes getting hit in the ankles or back while you try to maneuver the showroom spaces.

4. Drinks and Snacks

High Point Market isn’t a place where anyone is going to miss a meal. Mornings are started with donuts and coffee. Some showrooms serve food and drinks throughout the day. Various groups volunteer their time to serve food to Market attendees. And many places (like The Point) offer snacks all day long.

So make your list, get packing, and we’ll see you soon!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team