Market Healthcare Heroes

Woman in a yellow dress sits beside a table with cleaning spray. She is sitting inside a showroom with furniture samples. In the background stands a man with a suit and a mask on.

As High Point Market draws to a close this week, we feel like High Point deserves to pat itself on the back. Not only did we manage to pull off another successful Market to support our friends in the furniture industry, but we did it while still prioritizing the health and safety of Market guests and High Point residents. 

We know that there is no way High Point Market could have happened without tremendous partnership and collaboration across the city and even state. Did you know people from all over North Carolina rallied together to make sure High Point Market could happen? That’s how important it is to our city and our state! 

With input from the city, county, and state levels of medical leadership, High Point Market Authority began preparing months ago for this Market with the #HPMKTsafe Initiative. This program, developed in collaboration with Guilford County Health & Human Services and Guilford County Emergency Management, provided extensive plans on cleaning measures, health screenings, showroom limits, and so many other small logistical decisions (like mailing Market registration in ahead of time to avoid long lines!). It also gave out-of-town guests insight into what to expect at Market.  

These plans were developed with the help of Dr. Iulia Vann, Guilford County Health Director, and Don Campbell, Guilford County Emergency Management Division Director. 

“Without the support of our health and safety partners – if they hadn’t rallied around us to help us create such a thorough plan – I don’t know that Fall Market could have taken place,” says Tammy Nagem, Chief Operating Officer for the High Point Market Authority. “Our community should be proud to have Dr. Iulia Vann, Don Campbell, and the Wake Forest Baptist Health System working to keep everyone safe. I know we at the Market Authority are immensely grateful for their ongoing efforts and support.” 

A trailer reading "State Medical Assistance Team" is parked by a curb. A woman sits at a fold out table in front of the trailer and another woman stands beside it.

A close up shot of a glass bottle with hand sanitizer. A woman pumps the top with her hand.

With High Point Market Authority leaders spearheading the comprehensive safety plans for Market and meeting with leaders throughout the State to properly prepare and follow medical guidelines, it’s no surprise the Market was able to flourish this fall.  

“The health and safety of our Market staff and guests, as well as our community, has always been a top priority,” Tammy says. “Because we’ve developed numerous safety and security plans over the years, we have many longstanding connections and relationships within the county and city medical and emergency services that were vital during this preparation cycle.”  

The longstanding partnership between Market Authority and Wake Forest Baptist Health makes it possible every year for onsite medical services to be readily available to Market guests and staff. With this foundational partnership already in place, this fall the Wake Forest team was able to also manage the primary daily health check location, staffed by their Best Health division.   

Two women stand wearing surgical masks. The woman on the left holds up a forehead thermometer to the forehead of the other woman.


In addition to these safety measures, Guilford County and the City of High Point provides EMT Bike Teams every Market as an additional onsite medical service within the Market district. This year, their support was especially valuable in making access to medical services readily available.  

To all of our medical personnel – from city, county, and state leaders, to the expert staffers at medical mobile sites and health screenings – we extend our deepest thank you. Your service to our community meant that we were able to welcome Market guests and protect the safety and health of all involved. And that’s exactly the kind of service and dedication that makes High Point the best possible home for High Point Market. 

Keep discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Images Courtesy of High Point Market Authority. Some images taken prior to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak.