Men’s Day Out in High Point

You know how Vegas has the phrase “What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas”?  Well, here in High Point we prefer “Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil”. 

It’s time to grab the fella’s and make some plans! High Point has some great indoor and outdoor activities to keep you busy, active, and relaxed with your buddies this fall!

So, here –in no particular order– are our Top 10 things to do on your Men’s Day Out!


Before your full day of activities make sure you grab a good and filling breakfast at Alex’s House . They serve every classic breakfast item you could be looking for plus all the protein you’ll need for the rest of your day! Local Tip: this is a cash only restaurant so be sure to bring the bills!

(1223 N Main St, High Point)

Photography by ZoZo Photography


If a hearty breakfast really isn’t your thing, try 83 Custom Coffee for a cup of coffee and a fresh baked pastry to give your day the right kind of jump start!  Our favorite part is enjoying their outdoor seating area and enjoying these cooler morning temperatures.  Here, you can plan your day.

(1212 N Main St, High Point)

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Work on your Golf Game

Everyone knows that golf is incredibly important in the business world, not to mention that it’s a helluva lot more fun that sitting behind your desk! Are we right?? Head over to Oak Hollow Golf Course to work on either your long distance shots or your short game.

(3400 N Centennial St, High Point)

Water Activities

While at Oak Hollow, why not enjoy the activities on the water? Oak Hollow has plenty of fun recreational options to offer, including kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and fishing. And hey, win some big points and bring the entire family back – there is something to do for the entire family!

(3431 N Centennial Street High Point)

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Grab a bite to eat

After all of that healthy activity, you’ll definitely need to refuel. The Dog House and Oscars Fine Foods are true High Point Classics! And like our friends at Alex’s House, these are cash only so be sure to bring those dollar bills!

(Dog House: 668 N Main St, High Point. Oscars: 427 S Wrenn St, High Point)


For more great dinner spots check out our posts Best Places to Eat in High Point and The Best Burger Dives in High Point

Lindsay Odom

Need some new clothes?  Lindsay Odom is a locally owned and operated boutique men’s clothing store on Main Street where the specialize in customer service. Browsing their racks is a great way to beat the mid-day heat!

(1501 N Main St, High Point)

Piedmont Environmental Center

Not just for elementary school fieldtrips, Piedmont Enviromental Center has 11 miles of walking and biking trails! With the tree covered walk-ways, this is a great way to get outside without over heating! To learn more about this great place check out our post on Your Perfect Day Biking in High Point.

(1220 Penny Rd, High Point)

Have a Sweet Treat

Why not have dessert first!? Before dinner, head over to Granny’s Donuts to have one of their world famous donuts (Ok, maybe they are not really world famous but they are pretty.darn.amazing). They have a great variety of other pastries too so be sure to stop by!

(1701 N Main St C, High Point)

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Food Trucks

High Point has several great food trucks that are an awesome option for dinner. We recently did a post about the Manna Food Truck, check that out here!

Brown Truck Brewery is also a great place to look for food trucks, they are often parked right outside and give you a perfect excuse to have a beer too!  And you can brush up on your cornhole skills on their outdoor patio.

Grab a cold one

After enjoying a delish dinner at one of High Point’s food trucks, we suggest capping of your perfect day with a drink! Wi-Fi Wine Wine Bar or Brewers Kettle both offer a great variety of beverages to wet your whistle.

(Wi-FI Wine Bar: 1605 N Main St, High Point. Brewers Kettle: 1813 N Main St #101, High Point)

Coming soon! This spring, you and your best buds can enjoy a game at the new Rockers baseball stadium. This venue is sure to be a High Point favorite!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team