Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teens Take the Stage in High Point

And the new Miss America is… the city of High Point! Well, not quite. While our city may not be wearing a crown, we were chosen by the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Organization as the host city for the 2019 Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Competition. We will also host the Miss North Carolina candidates’ “Work Weekend”.

Miss High Point, Dorian McCorey

Now you might be wondering what exactly that all means and how it’s all connected. You may be thinking about Chris Harrison hosting a pageant in High Point (and as fun as that would be), this competition is a little different. The Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen (MNCOTeen) is a pageant for girls ages 13 to 17, while Miss North Carolina is a competition for women ages 18 to 25 years old. Both are under the umbrella of the Miss America Organization.

Miss NC, Laura Matrazzo and MNCOteen, Carolina Credle | Photography by Younique Beauty

So how did High Point get chosen to host such a special and influential event in our state? We have our hospitable and hardworking High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau and Business High Point – Chamber of Commerce to thank for that. “The first descriptive word that comes to mind is refreshing,” says Beth Knox, Executive Director of Miss North Carolina, referring to the organization’s experience working with the CVB and Business High Point. “In all of the cities that we have booked events in across our state, no one has been as welcoming and proactive as the High Point Chamber and the Visitors Bureau. From the first meeting, we were made to feel that our business was valued and that the City of High Point wanted our organization to participate in their city.”

Miss NC, Laura Matrazzo | Photography Matt Boyd Photography

Kevin Driver, Teen Executive Director for the Miss North Carolina Organization echoed similar sentiments about High Point’s hospitality. “Absolutely hands down such a wonderful experience working with the Chamber where we are now a member,” he says. He mentions the importance of the Chamber allowing MNOCTeen to hold interviews at their location for free, since the Miss North Carolina Organization is a non-profit that depends on volunteers and donations. “It really speaks volumes to how much a city wants us.”

But this competition is more than just a chance to host some of the brightest and most dedicated girls and women in our state. It’s also a chance for those women to partner in serving the High Point community.

As part of their service project, each of the 42 Miss candidates and 35 Outstanding Teen contestants, along with over 100 Carolina Princesses are collecting books to donate to Oak Hill Elementary School, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to scholastic achievement and leadership. While this serves the students of High Point, it is also a tribute to a respected High Point resident, Gina Jacobs. Gina’s daughter, Jessica Jacobs was Miss North Carolina 2007, and in memory of Gina and to honor the Jacobs family, the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Organization wants to give back.

“Gina was a tremendously influential community servant in High Point and her dedication to Oak Hill Elementary is something that we want to further support,” says Beth.

“The young women who participate in our program are the best and brightest which our state has to offer,” Beth explains. “They are scholars, community servants, talented performers, and compassionate leaders. By blending these young women into the High Point community through the community service event at Oak Hill Elementary, we believe that these children at this wonderful school may create a friendship and mentorship that can continue beyond our weekend in High Point.”

Carolina Credle reacting after being named the winner of NCOTeen 2018 – photo credit to Lenn Long of PageantPics.com

The girls in MNCOTeen are judged on categories of talent, fitness, scholastic achievement, and an evening wear on-stage question, and a private interview. The organization celebrates and commends leadership and community service of its contestants, and each one chooses a public charity platform to support.

“No matter if she wins the state competition or not, the contestant still has a job to be a role model and servant in her community, promoting her platforms and our program,” says Kevin.

The wonderful women who have come from High Point to compete in the Miss North Carolina competition over the years know firsthand how valuable it is to be a High Point resident, like Dorian McCorey, the current Miss High Point.

Miss High Point, Dorian McCorey

“I am amazed at the collaborative efforts of High Point’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors coming together to revitalize and elevate the City,” says Dorian. “Each person in High Point is committed to and working towards the City’s growth, focusing on enriching the greater good of the community. I am honored to represent a community that is so progressive and inclusive in nature.”

While the Miss NC competition won’t be held in High Point, the “Work Weekend” that acts as a preparatory weekend for the state competition, will be. Both the MNCOTeen pageant and the Miss NC Work Weekend will have events held at the High Point Theatre and the Red Lion Hotel.

Kevin Driver with NCOTeen 2018 Caroline Credle at the Miss NC 2018 Competition

For more information on how you can get involved in supporting or volunteering with the Miss North Carolina Organization (the entire organization is volunteer led!), you can visit their website at missnc.org. There will also be a chance on Saturday, April 13th at 2pm, to attend a Judges Seminar at the Red Lion Hotel where you can learn how to become an approved judge for local competitions across our state. The organization is always on the lookout for smart and talented young women who want to earn scholarship assistance to further their education and represent their community. More information on this can also be found on their website.

While High Point may not be a crowned champ, we’re pretty proud of our community for rallying together to host an event that celebrates and empowers women in our state, while also giving back to our community. That’s a real win!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team