Our Furniture Market Friends!

Lee Iacocca once said “Business, after all, is nothing more than a bunch of human relationships.”  We totally agree Mr. Iacocca.  Fortunately for us we have some pretty amazing friends in this industry and many are located right here in our backyard.

Thanks to furniture market, High Point is truly an international city. People from all over the world flock here twice a year to see what the most innovative and creative minds in the furniture world have to offer.  Lucky for us, we have the privilege to call many of those brilliant minds our friends.  And just who are these amazing friends, you ask? Keep reading to learn more about just a few of our Friends of Furniture Market who are based right here in High Point!

And for our #HPMKT friends we strongly encourage you to check their showrooms out during Market!

Buzzi Space

All about creating a “Happy and Healthy” work place, Buzzi Space has been changing the Market game with their fun and energetic designs since the launch of their business. The company started creating and selling wall panels to improve acoustics and, from there they have boomed, now selling lighting and furniture as well.

We absolutely love Buzzi Space and for more information on them check out the other articles we’ve written about the company and their dedication to enriching our community with their Food Forest service project.

A View On | Buzzi Space

Voices Discovered | Tom Van Dessell

Changemakers | Food Forest by Buzzi Space

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Thayer Coggin

Truly a company with a legacy, Thayer Coggin has been influencing the furniture world for decades with their mid-century modern designs. For 60 years, this furniture powerhouse has been a staple of every market-goer’s trip. We love their attention to detail, their dedication, and their originality.


As we often note throughout our High Point Discovered platform, creativity and talent are abundant in High Point. Our friends at Verellen thought so too.

Their story began in Tom & Sabine Verellen’s hometown of Antwerp, Belgium, where the old and the new—modern and traditional—are in natural harmony. Fast forward to High Point, North Carolina, where furniture-making know how is hard-wired and talent abounds. The Verellens recruited a passionate and creative team of men and women to bring life to their unique ideas.

Modern History

Just as the name suggests, this company’s credo is a fresh take on historical pieces. Inspired by antiques yet with a modern twist to appeal to the new consumer, Modern History’s beautiful, hand crafted pieces capture the hearts of shoppers every year during market with their fresh approach to Fine Furniture and High Design.

For a deeper dive, be sure to check out our articles on Michael Beaver, the president of Modern History, or Our View on Modern History.

A View On | Modern History

Voices Discovered | Michael Beaver

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Julian Chichester & Mr. Brown Home

Dubbed “Furniture with Personality” (and who doesn’t love a little personality) Julian Chichester is a line whose creative inspiration comes from classic English furniture-making, coupled with an admiration for innovation. Amongst other companies, Julian Chichester has an enviable reputation for their original designs, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding decorations. They should definitely be a stop on the list for every discerning market visitor.  And…we would be remiss if we did not mention their sister company Mr. Brown Home.  A curated line of furniture, lighting, art and outdoor reimagined through the lens of world travel, art and the modern world.

Photography by High Point Market Authority

The MT Company

Launched in 1993 Miles Talbott (who later rebranded as the M|T Company) is a forward thinking company who continues to keep their looks fresh while providing quality built, custom furniture at a value.

Interior by Barbour Spangle Design

Phillips Collection

Where their motto is “Every Piece is a Conversation”, Phillips Collection continues to dominate the conversation. From one of a kind treasures to new design trends, every piece has the conversation flowing. And, committed to a Green Mission, they seek out the perfectly imperfect, turning discarded wood into astonishingly beautiful furniture.

Be sure to stop by these amazing companies while visiting for #HPMKT!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team