Outstanding Student: Camryn Torrence

Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence stands in a class room holding a stack of books.

Camryn Torrence is preparing for her senior parade at High Point Central. It’s a tradition that all Central seniors get to participate in on the first day of senior year.

“We all meet at Wesleyan Memorial Church and ride together,” she explains. Once at Central, the students parade up and down Ferndale Boulevard to initiate their last year as HPC Bison. And while Camryn is excited about the first day of her senior year, she’s also excited about what the world holds beyond the walls of Central.

The brick sign that indicates that High Point Central High School is located

This senior is ready to begin her college career and take all the lessons she learned in High Point into the world. As she works to determine her college choice between East Carolina University and UNC-Charlotte, she knows the direction she wants to head. She originally entertained pursuing a career in media or mass communications, and has already taken steps to see her career goals accomplished. This past summer, she was given the great honor of being selected as a National Youth Correspondent at The Washington Media and Journalism conference that was held in Washington D.C over the course of six days at George Mason University.

Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence leafs through pages of a book

“I was joined with students from all over the nation who showed interest in media and journalism,” Camryn says. “It was a hands-on learning experience where I got to see the inside of media in the heart of the capitol. Each day was like I was a part of the press and I even received a real press pass. I got see and engage with speakers like Brian Lamb who is the co-founder of CSPAN Network to Carol Guzy who is a four-time Pulitzer Prize photography winner.”


But along with her interest and success in media, Camryn is now considering speech pathology, because she knows she wants to use her speaking and communication skills to work with elementary age students. Her inspiration is thanks to the impact her teachers made on her at Triangle Lake Montessori.

Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence stands proudly with one arm on her hip as she poses for a photo

“I remember my Pre-K teacher and kindergarten teachers” Camryn says, “And they’re still a vital part of my life… I want to be that role model.”


Camryn cites other teachers throughout her education who challenged her to overcome various obstacles. She recalls how much she feared and dreaded math until an HPC teacher pushed her to turn her fears into motivations to excel in math.


Her role models include not only the teachers that pushed her to learn throughout school, but her mom, who Camryn says, “She’s always there. Any little thing she’ll break her back to get done.”

Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence leans against a pole for a photo

When Camryn isn’t working hard on her studies, you can find her cheerleading and volunteering at her church.


“My extracurricular activities include being a varsity cheerleader,” Camryn says. “I have cheered all four years of high school and got to be captain of Junior Varsity my sophomore year. I also assist my former middle school’s cheer squad (Ferndale Middle).”


She also decided to take on the mantel as the editor of the High Point Central yearbook. This year, she was chosen as senior editor and will be responsible for the 76th Volume of the High Point Central Pemican.


“I love being apart of creating something that will my peers will look back on and appreciate,” Camryn says. “I take pride in creating The Pemican (our yearbook) because it’s a legacy within itself. It’s almost like I get a better insight of the school from working behind the scenes dealing with sports and events that go on during the year to interviewing the student body and alumni. I love the thrill of working to get my spreads done before deadlines.’

Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence stands with her in her cheerleading uniform Outstanding Student Camryn Torrence stands outside of High Point Central High School in her cheerleading uniform

The yearbook also captures the high school she has grown to love, a place that she says has an atmosphere that is inspiring.


“The thing that I love about High Point Central is how unique it is, from the 100-year-old year old history to the diverse student body. I never expect for there to be a boring day when I go to school. There is no other like HPC. I never dread a day coming to school. I wake up and think, ‘what will this day hold?’ The teachers, the people and the atmosphere just feel like home.”


Even though Camryn’s time at High Point Central is coming to a close, Camryn still wants to leave a legacy in her final days.


“I want to leave behind an impact,” Camryn says. “I don’t want to just leave high school and be forgotten. I want teachers to remember to me and that I was great a student.”


It’s easy for us to see that Camryn is indeed an outstanding High Point student, who wears the name High Point and HPC well. Read on to learn more about Camryn, from her favorite ice cream flavor to her proudest moments!

Outstanding student Camryn Torrence holds open a book inside of a class room

Q. What do you know now that you wish you knew as an incoming freshman?

A. As an incoming freshman, I wish I knew that freshman year would be the setting stone for things like GPA and rank. I would have tried to start off much stronger than I did the first semester. It was a challenge transitioning from middle school to high school because it was more independence and I had to learn how to manage my first heavy workload that included pre IB program classes.

Q. What satisfies your sweet tooth?

A. Black cherry ice cream

Q. What has been your favorite volunteer experience?

A. My favorite volunteer experience was with the High Point Police Department’s Youth Leadership Program which was a 10-day camp that focused on community service while exercising leadership skills.

Q. What did you learn from your experience with the Youth Leadership Program?

A. From the leadership academy I learned to step outside of my shell and be open to participating in things where I didn’t have a friend or someone I knew along my side. I got to meet so many new people and build everlasting memories.

Q. What is your favorite quote?

A. “To get something you never had you have to do something you’ve never done” ~ Unknown

Q. Can you give us a book recommendation?

A. Earn It! By: Mika Brezezinski and Daniela Pierre- Bravo.

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?

A. Online shopping and Chick Fil A

Q. Who do you most admire?

A. A person who I admire is Christi Paul, a news anchor for HLN and CNN. I got to meet her in December of 2018 while attending a college bowl game in Atlanta, Georgia. The year prior my parents met her in a restaurant and told her that I was interested in pursuing media. She offered them her personal email and an invite on a personal tour of CNN the next time we came to Atlanta…. When we went back in 2018, she gave me a private special access only behind the scenes tour of the CNN building and anchor rooms. She showed me the many different jobs that take place in filming and production and let me know that if I had any questions concerning media that her email was always open.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in High Point?

A. It’s perfect distance to the coast and mountains.

Q. If a friend from out of town came to High Point, where would you take them?

A. If I had friend come into town, I would take them to the Palladium to see and movie and Tea Time for ice cream.

Q. What do you do to take a study break?

A. My favorite place to take a study break is anywhere I can watch my favorite Netflix shows.

Q. Where do you go to hang out with friends?

A. Cookout on a Friday night after a football or basketball game.

From all of us High Point Discovered, we want to wish Camryn and all our HPC Bison a happy senior year! Go Class of 2020 – we’re proud of students like Camryn who rep High Point so well!

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