Panther Pride: 6 Ways HPU has Transformed our City

High Point is known for being the Furniture Capital of the World, but it seems like year after year our city gains more recognition for another incredible claim to fame – High Point University. HPU was once High Point College (read about our city’s history that includes bringing the University here) and some of the original buildings, like Roberts Hall, still house classes today.   But alongside all of that history, there are even more new, exciting additions. Just drive down Lexington Avenue or University Parkway and you’ll see many of these new additions. With each new building added to the HPU community, it’s a new addition to the city of High Point as well. Since 2005, when Dr. Nido Qubein began leading HPU, the school has grown exponentially. Here are just some of the ways HPU has proven to be an invaluable piece of our community.

Each year HPU brings students from all over the world right to our doorstep, introducing them and their families to our community (many of whom stay after graduation to become longer term High Point residents.) This fall the University will host a total of 5,200 students – the largest enrollment number in the school’s history. That’s 5,200 members of our community to take part in shaping our city with creativity and energy.

1. The Students

2. The Visitors

These students bring not only their mini-fridges but also their families. Last year, HPU hosted more than 100,000 visitors to High Point, thanks to HPU students. We love welcoming our HPU families throughout the year and giving them a taste of all our favorite things about High Point.

3. The Jobs

High Point University is the sixth largest supplier of jobs in our city, with nearly 1,600 full-time positions and almost 2,000 employees total. This means the University is constantly contributing to meaningful work and careers for our residents.

4. The Community Spaces

Take a walk on the beautiful HPU promenade, sit on one of the benches or rocking chairs, or pack a picnic to eat outside. The campus is open to the public from 6 AM to 8 PM every day, so enjoy soaking up some sun and the beauty of the grounds and buildings.

5. The Events

High Point University hosts a wide array of events, many of which are open to, or designed for, the community. The Community Enrichment Series offers speakers and sessions on a variety of topics from art and culture to philosophy and business. Not to mention the concerts, plays, Community Christmas, and other events throughout the year. Read about all the events and find the ones you want to attend here.

6. The Construction

More than just orange traffic cones on the side of the road, HPU’s investment in constructing new academic and event spaces benefit the whole community. The Qubein Arena, which will be big enough to seat more than 4,000 attendees with a conference center and hotel, opens up the possibilities for all sorts of events. Other spaces like the Wanek School of Undergraduate Sciences and the Caine Conservatory provide new opportunities for students and faculty to perform breakthrough research and further educational innovation – right here in our city!

We’re happy to be the home of the HPU Panthers and to wear our purple with pride. So next time you see an HPU student or family out and about, remember to welcome them to their new home – to our home – and show your High Point spirit!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Photography by High Point University