HP is my Happy Place: 10 Places in HP That Offer the Perfect Photo Op!

Now that summer is well under way, why not take advantage of this beautiful season and capture the moment in a sunny photo shoot?! This time of year boasts some beautiful golden light, and High Point has some great places for the perfect summer photo op. We put our heads together with photo powerhouses Alisha Schwanke of Alisha Schwanke Photography and Maria West of ZoZo Photography to bring you (in no particular order) our Top 10 Places for the Perfect Summer Photo Op!

1. Churches

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Our photographers agree that High Point has many beautiful and historic churches that offer a great place for a photo. We love First Presbyterian on Parkway & Main, St. Mary’s Episcopal on Farriss & Main, or Wesley Memorial on the corner of Chestnut and Westchester.

918 N Main St, High Point, NC

108 W Farriss Ave, High Point, NC

1225 Chestnut Dr, High Point, NC

2. High Point University

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

Take advantage of one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation! With several iconic locations on or around campus, these well-manicured grounds make an excellent backdrop for your senior portrait, Instagram post, or family photo.

1 University Parkway, High Point,NC

3. Area Lakes

Photography by ZoZo Photography

High Point City Lake Park and Oak Hollow Lake offer plenty of greenery with a good dose of reflections for a fun photo shoot. Take advantage of the beautiful waterfronts and fun opportunities on the water. Insider tip: If you head over to City Lake Park, make sure you go on a day when the merry-go-round is up and running.

602 W Main Street Jamestown, NC

3431 N Centennial Street High Point, NC

4. Emerywood Country Club or Willow Creek Country Club

Photography by ZoZo Photography

With permission, the grounds of these country clubs are gorgeous backdrops for the perfect family photo.

800 Country Club Dr, High Point, NC

916 Abbotts Creek Church Rd, High Point, NC

5. The Downtown Train Depot

Photography by ZoZo Photography

The Train Station in downtown High Point provides  an interesting industrial location for a few photos. Pro tip: With interesting and at times busy architecture like in our beloved train station, the shadows can be crazy. Embrace them! A cool mix of light and shadow can create a dynamic photo.

6. Downtown High Point

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

One advantage of living in a city full of designers is that we have some really cool buildings downtown –with more on the way! Take advantage of the beautiful exteriors of showrooms around the city. For example: check out Mr. Brown, they have a beautiful blue wall along their corner showroom; the patio outside the String and Splinter has some great red brick; and the old theater on main street has some awesome old lightbulbs. Make sure you look around, you might be surprised by some of the stuff you see! Insider’s tip: When shooting downtown, make sure you plan out for the time of day, lighting can be tricky with some of those tall buildings.

7. The Lofts at Union Square & The Factory Building

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

Speaking of downtown, The Lofts at Union Square and the old Factory Building make for an awesome industrial background –definitely one of our favorites!

410 W English Rd, High Point, NC

8. The Neighborhood of Old Emerywood

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

With beautiful tree-lined streets and historic houses, Emerywood makes a great place to take some gorgeous pictures.

9. Lexington Avenue

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

Just off Lexington are some adorable places to take some pictures. Just keep your eyes peeled and you’re sure to see some great spots!

10 . The Pit

Photography by Alisha Schwanke

Last but not least, the graffiti-filled Pit in downtown High Point makes a unique background to any picture. With a constantly changing #streetart wall, the Pit is the type of place that you can go back to time and time again!

124 W High Ave, High Point, NC

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team