Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Getting Around High Point During Furniture Market

Patrons of the High Point Furniture Market walk across main street High Point

For those honored guests we have the chance to host twice a year for the High Point Furniture Market, High Point may seem small, friendly, and neighborly – a close-knit community. And we’d have to agree…you’re not wrong. We do love the closeness of our community.

But while High Point may not be a “big city,” it’s definitely no “small town.” That means for you Market attendees (whether it’s your first time for the fiftieth time), it may require a little logistical planning to make sure all of your transportation needs are covered this Furniture Market season. Lucky for you, High Point Market Authority (HPMA) has been making Market a smooth process for attendees for years, so transportation should be a no brainer. Check out the list below to make sure you know how to get where you’re going!

By Plane

Chances are that with more than 75,000 attendees and over 100 countries represented, quite a lot of Market guests are coming from places where arriving by car wouldn’t be easy…or possible. When booking your ticket to fly into North Carolina for the High Point Market, remember that HPMA provides free shuttle service from Greensboro (PTI – GSO), Raleigh (RDU), and Charlotte (CLT). Save some of that Uber or rental car money for another round of drinks at Market, and take the shuttle.

By Bus

A bus sits drops off visitors for the High Point Furniture Market in High Point, NC

Since nearly all of High Point Market’s center of action takes place in the heart of downtown, parking can fill up fast. Not to mention some roads are roped off entirely to accommodate the amount of foot traffic to and from locations. Thankfully, HPMA has already found a solution to all of Market’s downtown parking trials. Attendees can park at the lots at Oak Hollow Mall (conveniently numbered, so you won’t lose your car), or on West Market Drive and round-the-clock buses shuttle you conveniently to and from Market. Find details on addresses, shuttle run times, and accessible parking here.

By Shuttle

A shuttle is picking up patrons from the High Point Furniture Market to take them around the City of High Point.

Even though HPMA buses run to and from parking lots to downtown High Point, what if you want to go somewhere outside of downtown? (Say to grab a delicious bite or a cup of coffee? Skip the fees and call 336.887.RIDE (7433) to have a free shuttle from the Market’s Go-Anywhere services provided to you. (You can also flag down one of the free van shuttles at the downtown Transportation Terminal or other nearby Market areas). The shuttle will take you anywhere within a 6-mile radius of downtown. To learn more visit here.

On Foot

Patrons of the High Point Furniture Market walk across the street to their next destination in downtown High Point

The good news is once you get to the Market, you really have everything at your disposal you could need for the day. With round-the-clock activities for networking, professional development, social experiences, and of course, seemingly endless showrooms, you can easily spend your whole day walking around downtown soaking in all the Market has to offer. For a complete list of events, visit

(Pro Tip: Ladies, don’t forget to sneak a comfy pair of sneakers or flats into your bag to wear on longer walks so those cute heels don’t end up causing not-so-cute blisters!)

Although it may take a little planning, all of your transportation needs have already been well accounted for by the folks at High Point Market Authority. So what are you waiting for? Start making your itinerary for Market now, and chart course for your journey through the Furniture Capital of the world!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team