Point of View

I am delighted to share that today is the official launch of our new blog:

High Point Discovered!

Originally conceived in 2016 as an Instagram page to celebrate the best High Point has to offer, High Point Discovered was a way to share my passion about this city with others.  Two years later I am incredibly excited that this passion is contagious and our team at Barbour Spangle Design has enthusiastically joined in.

By definition, dis·cov·er / dəˈskəvər/ is to obtain knowledge of for the first time or to divulge a secret.  Our community is filled with artists, artisans, craftsman, makers and entrepreneurs worth discovering.  Therefore, we have decided to launch a new blog in order to go deeper:  to celebrate the people and places we love, who have authentic and unique stories to share.

What you can expect from High Point Discovered:  Our blog will be a beautifully rich online guide to all things High Point – profiling the Who, the What and the Where of this great city we call Home.  It’s our point of view on the creative life of this community, inspired by forward thinkers and visionaries.

Consider us a space to learn more about the creative minds that have the passion and energy to turn thought into reality and therefore are shaping not just our community but our world.  With beautiful imagery, unique stories, and more, we will highlight business and personal profiles, share the vision of community leaders, provide HP Market how-to guides and so much more.  It will be a destination for locals and visitors alike.

High Point serves as a launch point for countless ideas that eventually find a home somewhere in the world, improving lives and bringing happiness.  These beautiful works of art make up the history of our city and are the reason why the downtown Market Square Building has etched in it’s stone wall: A City With All The Eyes of The World Upon It.

Let’s help the rest of the world discover High Point!


Christi Barbour and the entire HP Discovered Team