Reasons to Give Thanks

Pumpkins and gourds sit in a basket with a graphic of a paint swatch that says "Reasons To Give Thanks."

During this turbulent year, we know it can be hard to keep seeking out the good, giving thanks, and maintaining a hopeful outlook. But we also think when it’s the hardest to give thanks, that’s when we need it most.

That’s why we asked many of you what you have been thankful for, how you have seen the good, and what has made you stop and smile in the last few months. Take a look at what others in our city have to be thankful for this year, and add your own to this list!

What have you been most thankful for this year?

“This year I have had the luxury of time. Sometimes it feels like too much time, but I’ve been able to take time to walk in my neighborhood, learn new recipes, and talk with friends who live in other countries. The world forced us to slow down, and I’ve tried to listen.” – Kate

“The extra time I have had to spend with my family.” – Ryan

“Health and extra time with my college-age son.” – @cathiyates

“Seeing the good in people!” – @msi27265

“I’m so thankful for the extra time spent with my little family of 3 (soon to be 4). Although there haven’t been many trips or travel, the ordinary moments at home have reminded us how very little we need to be happy and given us a whole new appreciation for just how much we have to be grateful for.” – Sarah Beth

“So thankful for my clients and their support to my business.” – @wanderlustboards

“Time for deep reflection and a new, more grateful perspective.” – Dawn

“The support we have received from the community, our clients, our families, and most importantly, our Barbour Spangle Design Team. They have all amazed me with their willingness to step up, work harder, work longer, be more open-minded, their insane creativity, and the way they have taken ownership in that they each have the ability to contribute to the success of the company.” – Christi

“More time with family!” – @lightintheeye_home

“What I have been most thankful for this year is spending time with my family. Covid forced us to try many new activities, indoors and out. My kids have said this past year has held some of the best memories they have ever made.” – Stephanie

“West End Ministries for serving the High Point community.” – @testify_jewelry

“I’ve been really thankful for laughter and being able to spend time with my grandma. Recently, she’s been sick and in the hospital, and I’ve been so grateful to be able to spend time with her, creating memories with her through all the craziness of life.” – Hannah

“Friends and family!” – @metrogallaries

Where have you seen the good this year?

“I’ve noticed that as people’s faces are obscured by masks, they are more open to offering a kind word to strangers. Instead of smiling, they are ‘smiling with words.’” – Dawn

“The lack of connection this pandemic brought has forced me out of my communication comfort zone. I video chat with friends in Europe, Pennsylvania, etc. every week. I have rekindled friendships that distance previously impacted.” – Kate

“This year I have made it a point to see the good in something every day. Some days it was a struggle, however, I always found something to brighten my day wither it was a beautiful sunset, a hug from my husband or kids, a walk with my dogs, a phone call with my aunt (she always makes me laugh), how the community continues to support each other, and the list goes on. Plus the large ‘See the Good’ sign on the side of our office was always a wonderful reminder!” – Christi

“I have seen good in the people of High Point. The support for this community and its small businesses is fantastic. I have seen restaurants and stores shut down in other cities, and I am sure we have had some here, but overall, our restaurants and small businesses have survived due to the support of all of us in High Point!” – Ryan

“In the courage and creativity of others who have dared to try new things, break out of their comfort zones, and focus on building others up during these historical times. When I think back on a year that will forever and always be labeled by the pandemic, I will also always remember how much the High Point community has supported each other to see, and showcase, so much good.” – Sarah Beth

“I have seen so much good! Friends, family, and community members coming together to make everyone feel safe. From kids learning to make masks when there was a shortage, to friends helping their elderly neighbors shop for weekly supplies. It has been so inspiring to see people giving even when they were not sure what their future was going to look like.” – Stephanie

“In the midst of so much uncertainty and fear and division, I still see kindness, and every bit of it counts. Encouraging words from others and offered prayers. Our community doing its best to support its businesses. Volunteer mask makers stepping forward to support our health care workers. Our educators and school administrators going the extra mile. Health care workers and first responders doing their jobs under such extreme circumstances. Even little things like someone in front of me in line at Starbucks buying my coffee. It all adds up. At my daughter’s school there were seven families who needed help with food for Thanksgiving. Somehow, extra food was collected and then four additional families showed up unexpectedly. They had exactly enough for everyone in need, all eleven families. That’s goodness at work in our lives, in a very real way.” – Paige

What has made you stop and smile recently?

“For the first time in a lot of years, I have raised my eyes from desk and work to really enjoy the seasonal change right outside my windows. Leaves fluttering to the ground, cloudless blue skies, squirrels and chipmunks filling their cheeks with seeds and nuts; it’s all been smile-making and restorative for me.” – Dawn

“Watching my daughter trying to catch falling leaves.” – @lightintheeye_home

“One of the things we took on during our time at home was fostering a stray mama cat and kittens from a local animal shelter. Mama Cat was extremely scared and (unknown to us at the time) sick, with newborn babies, so she wasn’t very friendly, and it almost got all of them euthanized. We took a chance on them, and Mama Cat quickly turned out to be the most loving, grateful girl – and of course, the kittens are beyond adorable. They were adopted together by a wonderful family and now we regularly get the most wonderful photos of their new life! They make me smile big.” – Paige

“My 2-year-old daughter has found her voice and is funny & smart. Keeps me laughing!” – @jbgibso3

“Family and friends. We are all hit with what has happened in the world around us, but I see the good in us all. Supporting others and working through this tough time!” – Ryan

Our hope is that this Thanksgiving, while the year is anything but normal, you find ways to stop and give thanks for the small blessings all around. From all of us at HPD, stay healthy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team