Recipes and Reflections | Happy Thanksgiving from HPD!

Every year between October 31st and December 1st, it’s easy to forget about the November holiday, sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas – unless you’re the one responsible for cooking! For all of you who may be contributing to the Thanksgiving table this year, we are sharing with you a few of our favorite family recipes to use in your Thanksgiving meal prep.

We also found no shortage of things to be thankful for at High Point Discovered. In the spirit of not letting this Thanksgiving pass without taking time for gratitude, we share a few of the things we are most thankful for, and encourage you to do the same.

Christi Barbour contributed this delicious corn soufflé recipe, a yummy comfort food that is sure to make everyone at the table feel warm and filled – even if you’re not a huge veggie fan.

“It is the one time of year that we get to surround ourselves with people we love and share our gratitude with one another. In our busy world, it’s not often we slow down and really enjoy each other’s company. This is the one day where we can turn our attention to those who are most important to us and simply be. We can listen, love, laugh, share, and eat a little (or a lot) too. Devices, appointments, and other daily distractions seem to magically silent themselves so we can enjoy the day, and for this, I am incredibly grateful.”

Christi Spangle’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is a sweet treat that combines two of our favorite holiday fruits – apples and cranberries.

“I’m thankful for having my father for 52 wonderful Thanksgivings and look forward to carrying on our traditions! He will be missed!”

“Like many, our Thanksgiving meal is all about the sides,” Dawn says. “We have far more choices than can comfortably fit on your plate. Most are old family favorites, and a few are new additions to the groaning board of our holiday eats.”

The recipe has supposedly been passed down in her family for four generations. Over the years the recipe has been updated and modified, but Dawn has returned to the original version created by her great-grandmother. (And bonus, you can prepare ahead of time, because it’s even better the next day)

“This year I am thankful for amazing friends and colleagues who continually bring joy and happiness to my life.”

Now while Hannah doesn’t see herself as much of a cook, if she can make this recipe, anyone can! It’s easy to mix ahead of time and have ready to take to Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Her mom and grandmother have experimented with the best types of Jell-O to use for this yummy take on classic cranberry sauce, but they vote black cherry Jell-O is the best way to go.

“This year I am incredibly thankful for people who remain consistent through seasons of transition and change. Although a lot has changed for me this year, coming home to family traditions, staying in touch with dear friends, and finding hope in the newness makes me feel so thankful.”

Although Morgan loves holiday food, she says she’s far from a chef. Instead she shared some of her favorite hacks and tips for all the non-cooks to bring to holiday gatherings.

“This year I am thankful for spending time with my family and friends, having a new home large enough to host everyone, for a husband who lets me start decorating the tree as soon as Halloween ends, and getting to see the magic of the holidays through the eyes of my children.”

Cabell and her cousin grew up loving this recipe their grandmother made every Thanksgiving. Now, Cabell has shared this recipe with her fiancé, and he has just as quickly fallen in love with her family’s comfort food tradition. In fact, they’re not ashamed to say they eat it for breakfast (and lunch) the day after Thanksgiving.

“I am thankful for an amazing group of friends and family I have, and thankful to be entering a very exciting time in my life as my fiancé and I are getting married next year!”

Maria’s apple cheesecake bars are sure to be the surprise favorite of any holiday gathering. These rich and sweet dessert bars are great to make in advance of any party you may be attending or hosting.

“I am thankful for my family that God has richly blessed me with and the joy that my two boys bring to our lives.”

So whether you’re the one whipping up everything from scratch, or ordering take out on November 28th, we hope you get to share the day and all you have to be thankful for with the ones you love most. From all of us at High Point Discovered, we’re pretty thankful for you too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image | Maria West Photography