Smile, Snap, Selfie! – 10 Places to Selfie in High Point

A frog mural on the side of the Blue Bourbon Jacks building.

Let’s face it, if you’re anything like us, you can’t help but look for the best Instagram-worthy moments everywhere you go. And with access to our phone cameras at any hour of the day, you never know when you’re going to stumble upon the perfect picture: that smile from one of your kiddos, a sweet moment with a girlfriend, a playful pup, or that perfect cold brew latte. 

While we want you to feel free to post about and share all the things in your life that tell your story, we know how fun it can be to sculpt your social media feed around some of the beautiful and quirky backdrops in High Point. 

So if you’re looking for a picture that’s worth a thousand words, these spots tell a whole story! Grab your phone, a buddy, and a sunny day and head to one of these spots to celebrate High Point with a selfie. Afterwards be sure to share with us your favorite photos by using the hashtag, #HPDSelfieSpot.

1. The Pit – 126 West High Ave. 

One of the top selfie spots on our list is always this community gallery, known as “the Pit” in downtown High Point. This space, open for graffiti artists to create and recreate is fun, bright, and definitely quirky. And it provides the COOLEST backdrops for all your selfie needs.

126 West High Ave.

"The Pit" in downtown High Point displays murals from many local artists.

The Pit attracts muralists from around Guilford County. Be sure to check back occasionally as you may spot a new mural as the artwork is always changing! | ZoZo Photography

2.The Atlas statue – High Point University, in front of Roberts Hall

High Point University has no shortage of great photo ops, but we love the scale of the massive Atlas statue at HPU. It’s a great spot to snap a picture, and share with your followers when you’re feeling on top of the world.

One University Parkway


The High Point University campus is open 6:00 am to 8:00pm, 7 days a week for community members to visit campus.  We do encourage you to call first to ensure special events have not limited our normal campus visiting hours. Please call the Campus Concierge at 336-841-4636 for up to date campus information.

The bronze statue of Atlas located on the Roberts Hall lawn at High Point, University

3. High Point Station – 100 West High Ave.

The Amtrak station in the heart of downtown High Point provides some of the best portrait/selfie backgrounds in the city. The urban, historic feel, the exposed materials, and the downtown cityscape make this an especially picturesque backdrop.

100 West High Ave.

A photo of the High Point Train Station in down town High Point.

The train station is served by three passenger trains, the Crescent, the Carolinian and the Piedmont. The High Point passenger station is a brick and stone structure built in 1907 by the Southern Railway Company in the heart of downtown High Point. It was designed in the Richardson Romanesque architectural style, with a rusticated ashlar base and tiled hip roof. | ZoZo Photography

4. Chest of Drawers – 508 North Hamilton St.

What’s more iconic than High Point’s famous chest of drawers? These drawers, dating back to 1926, are known as the “World’s Largest Chest of Drawers.” Stand below it and snap away – you’re sure to capture a fun and classic photo.

508 North Hamilton St.

5. Natuzzi building – 130 West Commerce Ave.

Known as the “ship” building, the Natuzzi shows off some of the beautiful architecture downtown High Point is known for. Snap a picture in front of High Point’s half-building, half-ship, and show off your Furniture Capital pride.

130 West Commerce Ave.

A photo of the Natuzzi building in downtown High Point

6. John Coltrane statue – At the corner of Commerce and Hamilton

Paying homage to one of High Point’s most famous residents, the jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane’s statue is a great place to selfie. Share with the world that you live in the city where the man, the myth, the legend, grew up.

A statue of world renowned saxaphonist John Coltrane

John Coltrane Sculpture today in High Point by Thomas J. Warren Photography by ZoZo Photography

7. Dog House mural – 668 North Main St.

This High Point restaurant has been a staple in our community since its founding in 1942! We’ve long loved the hot dogs that the Dog House prepares, but we especially love the mural they added to their identity in the last few years. Snap a selfie of you AND your chili dog!

668 North Main St.

8. Brown Truck Brewery – 1234 North Main St.

The outdoor space of BTB is just begging to be selfie-d. Grab a group of friends and pose in front of the Rock ‘n’ Roll mural on their patio, and show off your favorite craft beer and good times.

1234 North Main St.

A group of people gather outside of Brown Truck Brewery.

Brown Truck brewery is located in the Uptown district, a community gathering spot with nationally award-winning beer and a current vibe. They have one of the best outdoor patios in town! | Sara Coffin Photo

9. Brian Davis Frog Mural – 201 West English Rd.

Brian Davis makes all of High Point so much more colorful with his incredible murals. While you can find his work outside of several shops (BBJ’s, the WiFi Wine Bar & Shoppe, and more,) one of Brian’s original murals, and one of our favs, is the tree frog mural on English Road. This talented HP artist creates backdrops that are sure to make for bright selfies with a pop.

201 West English Rd.


10. The Rockers’ Stadium

There’s a whole new level of selfies at the Rockers’ stadium. Get a pic as you grab the High Point Rocker Horse, or show off with a group of friends at High Pints. Snap a selfie with your kids in the kids’ zone, or turn around and capture a selfie with our players in the background.

214 Lindsay Street

High Point Rocker's mascot, The High Point Rocker Horse

High Point Rocker’s mascot, The High Point Rocker Horse, is your go-to for a fun baseball selfie. | ZoZo Photography

So many ways to selfie in High Point, and we want to see them all! Share your selfies from all over the city here with the hashtag #HPDSelfieSpot. We think your picture deserves to be seen.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team