Social Distancing Made Easy in the Furniture Capital

When we talk about High Point Market, we tend to think about how it’s one of the largest furniture trade shows in the world. But did you know that High Point Market is actually not a typical trade show or conference? Truth be told, the unique layout of High Point Market means they’ve has been social distancing before it was cool!

A woman stands in a furniture showroom looking at various objects. She is carrying a large bag and wearing a cloth mask.

Unlike most trade shows, conventions, and conferences that make use of one event space and large keynotes, High Point Market is really the size of a small town. More than 12 million square feet of showroom space comprises High Point Market, and if you’re like us, that’s not a number you can easily get your mind around. For better reference, 12 million square feet is more than 200 football fields!

A circle that reads "12 Million Square Feet" overlays a map of the downtown Market district.

So what does 12 million square feet look like in Downtown High Point? It looks like more than 13 blocks and over 180 buildings. There’s no other trade show – or city – like it!

Thirteen white circles that read "13 Blocks" overlays a map of the downtown Market district.

One hundred and eighty small white circles that read "180 Buildings" overlay a map of the downtown Market district.

What’s especially great about having this kind of space for High Point Market this year? Two words: social distancing. Unlike a typical trade show, High Point Market’s layout operates more like a retail area, allowing buyers to shop around different buildings and showrooms with plenty of room to stay apart. This year, showrooms are operating at 50% capacity in compliance with our state’s orders for retail shopping.

A sign that says "Showroom Occupancy 15 People" hangs on a glass door.

On gray carpet lays a sign with two footprint outlines that says, "Please Stand Here."

Although we’re always thankful that our city provides such a great space for the High Point Market, this year we’re more thankful than ever before that our Furniture Capital leaves Market with plenty of elbow room for buyers and exhibitors! Coupled with Market’s other safety measures, attendees and community members alike can find comfort knowing their health and safety has always been High Point Market’s top priority.

Keep discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Images Courtesy of High Point Market Authority