Springing into Action with the High Point Public Library 

As the weather starts to turn warmer and the sun starts to shine longeryou might have the urge to crank up the music, roll down the windows, and get out of the house. But with many COVID-19 restrictions still in place, it can feel like there isn’t much to do. And if you have little ones in the house, this can feel especially true. (What is about spring weather that makes everyone just a little more restless?)  

If you and your little ones are feeling a little cooped up, it may be time to try some new activities you can do at home or outside. And the High Point Public Library is full of (free!) resources to help you mix up your day and get some of that energy out. Check out our list below to find an activity for your family.

A photo of the entryway to the Children's Department at High Point Public Library in High Point, NC.

HPL Kids at Home 

While the library has been closed for programming during COVID, our rockstar librarians have continued to upload virtual programs to their Facebook group, so you and your kiddos can follow along. Join the HPPL Kids Virtual Programs group to get started know with activities from crafts, to cooking demonstrations, to storytime. 

A sign at High Point Public Library sharing the news about how to join the HPPL kids' Facebook group.

Activity Bags for all Learners 

In addition to the virtual programming, the Library also offers grab-and-go activity bags for kids of all ages and interests. From arts and crafts bags to STEM experiment bags, the Library has pre-prepared activities that will keep your kiddos active and engaged, while you take a much-needed break! You can pick up the bags from the Children’s Department at the Library. 

A girl looks at a table of activity bags at High Point Public Library in High Point, NC.

Live Stream Yoga for the Whole Family 

Did you know that the High Point Public Library offers yoga live streams that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Not to mention they have yoga for the whole family every Thursday morning at 11am. Grab a towel or blanket and a screen, get outside, and get stretchy! You can catch up on their live streams with your littles to stretch those wiggles out here.  

Mixers for your Tweens 

Every fourth Thursday, the library will be hosting a virtual mixer for tweens ages 10-12. From field trips to movies, to games, to breakout sessions, this is a great way to get your student involved in the community this spring. Call the children’s department to sign up! (336-883-3666).  

A girl looks at young adult books at the High Point Public Library in High Point, NC.

Recipes for Success 

Along with their videos for kids, the Library also has a variety of tutorial videos. These include cooking demonstrations, Recipes for Success. Check all of their demonstration videos online. 

A woman stands out the check out counter at High Point Public Library in High Point, NC.

Visit the Library – in person!  

Of course, if you really do just need to get out of the house with your kids, remember that the High Point Public Library is open! While the staff asks that all visitors respect the COVID-19 guidelines like wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and not sitting down while in the Library, HPPL is open during a revised hourly schedule which you can find here 

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The HPD Team  

Photography by Maria West Photography