Staying Active and Finding Rest

A trail walkway at Piedmont Environmental Center..

We’ve made it through another week, HPD Friends! It’s been a week of working from home, keeping the kids busy, finding space to breathe, entertaining each other, and looking for ways to connect…even at a physical distance.

And while we’re all processing this situation and the results a little differently, we think there are plenty of ways for us to stay busy, stay safe, and stay sane during these uncertain times. We asked you what you’re doing with your families each day, and decided to share a little mixture of what you can do to get active and get some rest – whichever you feel like you’re needing more of this week.

Cook From Home

Several plates of shrimp pasta sit on a marble counter.

Get Active

Take this extra time at home to dig into meal prep! Find ways to help your littles learn about measuring, cooking, baking, ingredients, and more. This may mean everything from baking a loaf of bread from scratch, to simply adding eggs, water, and oil to some cake mix. (We are raving fans of both.) Whatever you choose to make for your family, remember, it’s more about making a memory than making a five-star meal.

Get Some Rest

Maybe cooking is just one more thing on a growing list of stresses these days. That’s okay too. The High Point CVB is keeping a list of all restaurants offering takeout and/or delivery in HP.

Create from Home

A desk has a palette of paints on it, with artwork in the background.

Get Active

Start with creating some craft projects for your kiddos. All those old pipe cleaners, that glitter glue, and that construction paper that’s been sitting in a cabinet for too long is primed and ready for a major craft day. Need a creative boost? The Arc of High Point is providing prompts for artists on their Instagram page @arcofhighpoint_Creativearts and under the hashtag #quarantinedartclub. You can also visit their Facebook page for weekly updates.

Get Some Rest

Need a break from having to think of a new idea to keep the family entertained? Little Blank Canvas is offering virtual art classes. Give your kids the supplies and let them watch what needs to happen so they can create a work of art. It gives you a break and keeps them active. Visit Little Blank Canvas on Instagram at @littleblankcanvas and sign up for live streaming classes online.

Get Some Fresh Air at Home

A trail walkway at Piedmont Environmental Center.

Get Active

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! Thankfully, these sunny spring days provide the perfect excuse to get outdoors. So pump the air into those bike tires, lace up your tennis shoes, inflate that basketball, and get outside. You can take your family for a run or bike ride on the High Point Greenway or around Rich Fork Preserve. You can even take the furry friends for some exercise at Hedgecock Park.

Get Some Rest

It might be the perfect time to slow down. If you’re feeling like your family has been go, go, go since the quarantine announcement, it might be the right moment to slow down. Go for a drive around your neighborhood and create a game of I-Spy for the kids in the car. Maybe have a family picnic in the yard, break out the lawn or camp chairs for an evening under the stars, or just spend a quiet morning drinking coffee outside. COVID-19 doesn’t mean you can’t soak up some Vitamin D and relax in the process.

We hope that you are able to find space to rest and motivation to get active. And we hope through it all, you’re able to find ways to keep #SupportingMyNeighbors_HPD.

Keep Discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography