Steven Beck: Blending His Love for Labs & Landscapes

For Steven Beck, Black Dog Lawn Care and Landscapes is more than just a business; it’s where so much of his life has led. Growing up in High Point, Steven remembers learning lessons from his father, who was a veterinarian, and his grandfather, who would landscape while Steven took naps on the back of his tractor. His father and grandfather taught him about more than just animals and landscaping though… they taught him the value of hard work. When Steven and some of his friends were students at High Point University, they worked on several business ideas, including their own clothing line.

It was this love of the outdoors, a mind for business, and a dedication to hard work that eventually led Steven to start his family-owned business right here in his hometown. Today, Steven runs Black Dog with the same qualities that inspire him from man’s best friend: loyalty, dependability, and friendliness.A quote from Steven Beck of Black Dog Landscaping that says, "As a lifelong native of High Point, I'm proud we bring elite lawn care and landscaping servicing to our community. But even more, I'm glad we're as much known for our interactions and customer service with all the partnerships we've made."

Q. How did you wind up in the landscaping industry?

A. I really grew up in it. I spent many afternoons at a young age with my grandfather, who completed lawn maintenance and landscaping. No matter what, I wanted to work with him as much as I could. There were several times I would even fall asleep on the back of his tractor while he mowed.

Steven Beck opens truck door to Black Dog Lawn truck. Care and Landscaping.

Q. What type of career would you have in an alternate universe?

A. A fireman or police officer. I really enjoy helping others, interacting with all sorts of different situations and challenges. And who wouldn’t like to flip on the lights and sirens?

Q. What do you wish you knew when first starting that you know now?

A. That as a business owner and entrepreneur, every day presents a new hurdle or problem to solve. And something specific to our landscaping industry I never thought about, is that our vacation season is winter, when everyone else’s vacation generally is summer.

Q. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A. I used to be heard daily on radio throughout the Triad. As Sports Director of News Talk 600 WSJS and ESPN Radio-The Triad Sports Network, I could be heard each morning on several stations (600 WSJS, 1230 WMFR, 1200 WSML, & 1320 WCOG) with sports reports, hosting an early morning news hour and producing for the Triads First News with JR Snider.

Q. What motivates you?

A. My family and trying to make them proud.

Q. Best career advice you have ever received?

A. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Steven Beck leans against truck that says, "Black Dog Lawn Care and Landscaping."

Q. Favorite book?

A. The Bible

Q. Best vacation you have taken?

A. Newport, Rhode Island, but it has to be in the summer.

Q. Where will find you on a Sunday afternoon?

A. During football season – somewhere in High Point where the Panthers game is on. Otherwise, anywhere outdoors where you can relax – like one of our paver-patios with a fire pit!

Q. Your go-to cocktail (or mocktail)?

A. Piña Colada

Q. What makes you truly happy?

A. Family and friends. And dogs!

A black lab dog sits in the front seat of a truck.

Q. As you know, HPU is right here with incredible students looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. What three pieces of advice would you give them?


1.Don’t take HPU for granted and take advantage of the plentiful opportunities they offer.

2.Try to work and live in the present, but don’t be afraid to dream or shoot for a goal in the future.

3.Everyone makes mistakes, and you will too. But do all you can to learn from them and make things right

High Point Favorites

Q. Where do you like to grab a cup of coffee?

A. 83 Custom Coffee

Q. Restaurant you can’t get enough of?

A. La Hacienda on Eastchester

Q. Local shop you think is doing everything right?

A. The Market

Q. Where do you go to unplug?

A. Hartley Drive YMCA of High Point. Great place to relieve any stress, and I secretly love a good game of racquetball.

Q. Favorite place to grab a drink?

A. Liberty

Q. Excluding yours, what High Point company or business do you admire the most?

A. High Point University

Q. Where would you tell a first-time visitor to High Point to go and why?

A. Take a tour of High Point University. It’s the heart of our city and is a beautiful place to walk around.

Black Dog Lawn Care and Landscapes is located at 105 Midland Ave., and you can call at 336-688-0405 for all your commercial and residential lawn care needs!

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