Stock + Grain is Coming: High Point’s Food Hall

The Stock and Grain Assembly food hall under construction in High Point, NC.

Photography by Kelli Gowdy Photography

Feast your eyes on THIS – High Point is about to be home to the Triad’s first-ever food hall, Stock + Grain Assembly! If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of dining at a food hall, let us enlighten you. Imagine if you could find local, gourmet, and artisanal restaurants all in one place. We’re not talking about a food court with Sbarro’s and Chick-fil-A. No, a food hall brings the best of the best in terms of local dining to one central location – so you never have to argue with your dining partners about getting ribs or pizza. It will all be one place!  

What can you expect from Stock + Grain? Well with 10 different locally sourced restaurants, outdoor terrace seating, and a connection to Truist Point, there will be no shortage of evenings you’ll want to spend at Stock + Grain.  

But what’s even more exciting about Stock + Grain is that it signals just one more way that High Point is growing, developing, and transforming our city’s downtown experience. Food halls are notorious in cities with thriving downtowns, like Transfer Co. Food Hall in RaleighAssembly Food Hall in Nashville, and Revival Food Hall in Chicago. 

Construction workers working on Stock and Grain Assembly, the new Food Hall in High Point, NC.

Photography by Red Cardinal Studio

The food hall, Stock and Grain Assembly in High Point, NC stands under construction beside the Elm St. entrance of Truist Point.

Photography by Red Cardinal Studio

Stock + Grain – named with a little wink to our home furnishings industry legacy – is being developed by Elliot Sidewalk Communities, a development firm that the City of High Point contracted specifically to develop downtown property and infuse life into the city – year round! “The Outfields” is the master plan from Elliot Sidewalk Communities, and will encompass not only Stock + Grain, but office space to bring work into downtown. Eventually, the area will include residential living and retail, all within walking distance around our beautiful stadium. 

We spoke with Elliot Sidewalk Communities founder, Tim Elliot about how his company brings the art of the stroll back to downtowns. And it all starts with giving people places to enjoy living, working, and playing in their city. 

“We have to come up with a vision first,” Tim says. “What are we doing and where are we doing it?”  

When Tim was recruited by High Point leaders back in 2016 to be part of the downtown redevelopment efforts, Tim knew that he wanted to help get High Pointers back downtown, shopping, dining, working, and enjoying entertainment. Through partnerships with Dr. Qubein at High Point University, City Council, Business High Point, Forward High Point, and more, Elliot Sidewalk Communities has made tremendous progress on the project. Tim notes that some in High Point have been skeptical that development would take place, but now with the food hall standing and coming soon, the belief and excitement have been sparked.

Tim Elliot, Founder of Elliot Sidewalk Communities points to a map of The Outfields in High Point, NC.

Tim Elliot points to a map of The Outfields | Kelli Gowdy Photography

“How do you go from nothing to belief?” Tim asks. “At Elliot Sidewalk Communities, we help collect business leaders, academic institutions, health institutions, city, governments, and community members.”  

“They’re local here, and I’m like a conductor in an orchestra,” he explains. “I help figure out what section of the orchestra needs to come up.”  

Tim says they believe there are four key parts of any city’s orchestra: campus, commerce, community, and culture. The partnerships he’s seen between those groups in High Point are setting our city up for even greater success.  

“It’s about lifting community at the end of the day, together with community, not just for community,” Tim explains. “Elliot Sidewalk Communities is not the sole owners of this design.” His team has worked closely with city leaders and citizens to learn about what High Point wants and needs to grow its community. 

Tim Elliot, Founder of Elliot Sidewalk Communities leans on a bulldozer at High Point, NC.

Tim Elliot, Founder of Elliot Sidewalk Communities | Photography by Kelli Gowdy Photography

Tim spent 20 years working in architecture before he and his business partner and longtime friend, Brian Rogers, started Elliot Sidewalk Communities. But Tim’s passion for seeing downtowns thrive, citizens connect, and cities grow started back when he was a young boy growing up in Baltimore in a huge Italian family.  

“We did these street festivals in Little Italy, Baltimore, and I saw the joy that brings,” Tim says. “Closing the streets, having music, the smells of food… All of that makes you forget your troubles for a little while.”  

When Tim had the opportunity to marry his love of community building with architecture, he knew he’d found something special. And that sense of community that cities long for has only grown over the last year and a half. 

“At the end of the day, we are human beings and human beings want to commune,” Tim says.   

And we’re certain that Stock + Grain and The Outfields will bring more and more opportunities to share a bite, share a drink, share a moment, and commune together as proud High Pointers.  

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The HPD Team

To learn more about The Outfields project, click here! 

Photography by Kelli Gowdy Photography and Red Cardinal Studio