Summer Social Distance Substitutes

Hedgecock Dog Park in High Point, NC.


If you’ve been following the news, you know that Governor Cooper recently issued an extension of Phase II for the stay-at-home order, as well as a requirement to wear face masks at all times in places where social distance isn’t possible (think closer quarters in restaurants, shops, outdoor markets, etc.). And while we are of course saddened that we can’t start getting back to summer plans and our favorite places right away, we want to find other ways to maintain safety, respect the state’s decisions, and still make the most of our summer vacations.

To combat the stay-at-home blues, we have five social distancing substitutes for you to try this summer while you’re stuck at home.

When You Can’t Go to the Movies… Bring the Movie to your Home!

Nothing beats walking into an air conditioned movie theatre on a hot summer day and catching a new film. While we’re disappointed that we won’t be seeing the hottest new movies in theatres this summer, why not bring the movies to your own backyard? Pop some popcorn, pick up some candy, and make a snack bar for your family. Then use a sheet and a projector, or set up your computer or TV outside to make an outdoor movie night.

When You Can’t Go to a Restaurant… Turn the Restaurant into a Picnic!

An overhead photo of a person eating a wrap and french fries on a wooden slat table.

While some restaurants have resumed limited business, and many with outdoor seating are open (check out our article on best restaurant patios in High Point!), we’re still a big fan of supporting local business through takeout. So pick up your favorite foods from a High Point restaurant, grab a picnic blanket, and set up at Oak Hollow Lake or your own backyard! You can still make a fun family night or a romantic date night through an outdoor summer picnic.

When You Can’t Go to a Concert… Start a Playlist Swap!

Shane Key, High Point musician sits on a stool holding a guitar.

The list of canceled or postponed concerts keeps growing, and it’s hard not to feel sad about all the tunes we’re missing. So why not add a little music back into your life through a playlist swap? Invite your friends or family via email to make customized playlists for one another. Build playlists through Spotify or Apple Music, and then pass the link back to see what new tunes you can all discover together.

When You Can’t Go to Summer Camp… Bring Summer Camp to your Backyard!

A girl runs on an outdoor playground.

A little boy wearing a swimsuit plays with blow up water toy.

A lot of our kiddos are missing fun in the sun at summer camps and day camps. But you can bring crafts, puppet shows, skits, legos and more to your own home! Set up “stations” for your kids and let them rotate through activities. If you set up craft stations outside for tie-dying or finger paint, let the kids get messy and then enjoy time in the sprinkler afterwards!

When You Can’t Go to the Game… Host an Outdoor Game Night!

Baseball players at home plate at the High Point Rockers' stadium.

One of the biggest bummers this summer is not getting to enjoy seeing our High Point Rockers rock all summer. For sports fans, why not create your own summer games? Pick up yard games, a softball set, or a volleyball net, and have some summer play-off tournaments with your family.

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The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography