A City with All the Eyes of the World Upon It

A map that is out of focus with the word "High Point" in focus.

As a lifelong resident of High Point, I have witnessed the evolution of this city I call home. Yet many people in High Point often overlook the growth and progress taking place right before our eyes. My career has included traveling the globe, and anytime I shared that I was from High Point, NC the enthusiastic responses included remarks like, “What…

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2020: A Year-In-Review 

Two glasses of champagne with a spring of tyme surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

Happy New Year’s Eve, High Pointers! While this year has been anything but normal, we hope throughout the year we’ve been able to help you see the good and find ways to keep discovering neighbors to meet, local businesses to support, and good works to be involved with right in our city. We’re looking back on this year with a lot of gratitude, despite the…

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The Values that Make Us

The purpose of High Point Discovered is to highlight, with an unapologetically rose-colored lens,  the very best of High Point. We tell stories that elevate the voices of those people who may not be getting the attention they deserve, connect people to others in their community, and empower economic growth. Through our thoughtful storytelling and…

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Lending a Holiday Helping Hand

Woman wearing a mask and holding a Christmas gift bag.

Each year at the holidays, people find themselves looking for ways to give. While giving gifts to friends and family is exciting, we also want to inspire you to give to others in our community. After the year we’ve had, even more folks than usual find themselves with various needs this holiday season. And a…

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Mailable Gift Guide in High Point

   If there’s one thing we hope you have heard loud and clear from us this December, it’s the importance of SHOPPING LOCAL! While this year has been far from easy, we still believe 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic gave us an even stronger understanding of why supporting local businesses matter so much. With statistics like one in five restaurants permanently…

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Bikes that Bring Good 

Many of us dream of turning our passions into something that impacts our world. For Christian Davies, that passion is biking. When the Davies family moved to High Point from Seattle, Washington in 2017, Christian found out that the bike scene here wasn’t quite what it had been on the west coast.   We’ve always gone downhill biking,” Christian explains. “The scene in High Point…

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11 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – even if this year, everything feels a little different. While some of our favorite holiday happenings aren’t taking place in order to keep everyone safe, we’ve been on the hunt for ways to usher in some holiday cheer in High Point. Check out our list of…

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Reasons to Give Thanks

During this turbulent year, we know it can be hard to keep seeking out the good, giving thanks, and maintaining a hopeful outlook. But we also think when it’s the hardest to give thanks, that’s when we need it most. That’s why we asked many of you what you have been thankful for, how you…

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Yoga for the Community: Humbled Warriors Yoga

If you ask Stacey Field to describe her journey of becoming a yogi and yoga studio owner, she might describe it as unexpected. After Stacey first took a class with her mentor and business partner, Jamie Forbes, she was hooked on yoga. As the two women soon formed a close friendship, Stacey’s husband, Alex, floated…

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The Third Place: Congdon Yards Is Coming

Long shot of Congdon Yards, High Point's multi-use space.

Have you been noticing all the construction happening in downtown High Point? We sure hope you have! And by now, you probably know the reason behind the major renovations on English Road: Congdon Yards. If you have questions about the buzz around the buildings, what they’re going to be, and how they’re going to change the…

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