Healthcare for the Whole Person: Triad Lifestyle Medicine

We’re celebrating a week of National Relaxation, and maybe in the last few weeks, you’ve started to feel rising fear, frustration, or anxieties you thought we left behind in 2020. So maybe the last thing on your mind right now is relaxation, but that’s often when you need it most!   When it comes to…

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Catching the Brew Wave: Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery

Tiffany and Jeff Thompson smiling in Goofy Foot Taproom in High Point, NC

Like many great ideas, the idea for Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery started over a glass of beer. High Pointer Jeff Thompson, owner and co-founder of Goofy Foot, had an idea while he was sitting with his wife, Tiffany, at one of their favorite breweries in Asheville, NC.   “My wife and I were having a pint and discussing our future,” Jeff remembers. “My job…

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From Cluttered to Comfort: Homeycasa

Shirley Simauchi, owner of Homeycasa, organizes plates into a container in High Point, NC.

For so many of us, “spring cleaning” (or any cleaning!) is a dreaded chore. You may find yourself looking around your pantry, closet, or garage with dismay, asking yourself, how did we let it get this bad? Why does this always happen? And how did we end up with this much stuff?  If you’ve found yourself asking…

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Dressing Up High Point’s Salads: Little Black Dressing

DS Growing up, Kissie Stroup never dreaded eating her veggies like most children. Instead, it was something she looked forward to, all thanks to her Nana’s salad dressing. The recipe, a creamy vinaigrette, was created by Kissie’s grandmother and eventually passed down through generations.    “I’d make it for parties or get-togethers, and people would tell me, ‘You need to bottle this stuff!’”…

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Best in the Biz: Nutrition on Main 

For years, Jenny Voysey Baldwin says she struggled with prioritizing her health and choosing healthy food options. But when she first encountered health shakes and teas, she was shocked by the effect they had on her body and wellbeing.   “I started drinking the shakes and teas every day, and within a few months, I was able to lose over 40…

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A Hobby to Consume: Sour’d

  For Sara Dutilly, few things in life bring her more joy – or anger – than bread.   “It angers me sometimes to think about cheap bread,” says the High Point-based baker and owner of the cottage bakery, Sour’d. “I know that sounds silly, and I understand why the manufacturing of cheap bread began, but I truly believe in the slow way.”   The “slow way”…

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Celebrating Every Childhood Season: Wynnie’s Boutique

  Sarah Beth Davis, mom and lifelong resident of High Point, has always loved her hometown. But after graduating from High Point University with her graduate degree in non-profit management, serving as the Executive Director at High Point non-profit, Go Far, and starting her own family in the city, she started to see a need in…

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High Point Businesswoman Founds The Buy Black Guide

The founder of The Buy Black Guide Temoura Jeffries

Temoura Jefferies, High Point educator and entrepreneur, knows that in the face of division in our country, one way to unite and support the Black community is to buy from Black-owned businesses. But as she began to dig online for some sort of list or directory of Black-owned businesses in the Triad, she was sorely disappointed…

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Fuel for the Community: The Budding Artichoke

Owner's of the Budding Artichoke Jose and Bela stand behind the counter

When you step into The Budding Artichoke, you might find yourself suddenly inspired to cook in a brand new way, simply because the ingredients in the store are so enticing. You’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. You’ll…

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Neon Tumbleweed Studio

The owner of Tumbleweed Studio Annabella Boatright

For Annabella Boatwright, art is about so much more than just producing a product. It’s about communicating.  
“Art has been a constant source of happiness in my life,” Annabella says. “My thoughts have always been…

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