From Cluttered to Comfort: Homeycasa

Shirley Simauchi, owner of Homeycasa, organizes plates into a container in High Point, NC.

For so many of us, “spring cleaning” (or any cleaning!) is a dreaded chore. You may find yourself looking around your pantry, closet, or garage with dismay, asking yourself, how did we let it get this bad? Why does this always happen? And how did we end up with this much stuff?  If you’ve found yourself asking…

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Dressing Up High Point’s Salads: Little Black Dressing

DS Growing up, Kissie Stroup never dreaded eating her veggies like most children. Instead, it was something she looked forward to, all thanks to her Nana’s salad dressing. The recipe, a creamy vinaigrette, was created by Kissie’s grandmother and eventually passed down through generations.    “I’d make it for parties or get-togethers, and people would tell me, ‘You need to bottle this stuff!’”…

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Voices Discovered: Brittany Hall

Searching for a new hairstyle? Or need someone you can trust to bring your dream wedding look to life? If you have ever said to yourself: “Good hair days make me feel like…

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