Great Community, Great Schools: Extraordinary Educators 2021 

With the school year in full swing, we want to say a huge welcome back to all of our students and educators in the classroom this week! We had the privilege of kicking off a week back to school in the best way possible – by attending this year’s Extraordinary Educators luncheon. Hosted by Guilford Education Alliance, and…

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The “L” Word: Extraordinary Educator Tessa Pendley 

Extraordinary Educator Tessa Pendley

While many educators begin their careers because of their passion for learning, it’s not every teacher that remembers there is something even more important than learning when it comes to the teacher-student relationship. For Extraordinary Educator, Tessa Pendley, she knows there’s another “L” word that needs the spotlight in her classroom: “love.”   “When my students leave my classroom,” says Tessa,…

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Leave an Imprint: Extraordinary Educators Erica McLeod

Erica McLeod, Extraordinary Educator at Welborn Academy of Science and Technology in High Point, NC, smiles at the camera.

When Erica McLeod stands up in front of her classroom of seventh graders, she doesn’t get discouraged by middle school attitudes or a lack of enthusiasm. She doesn’t take it personally when students don’t always vocalize their appreciation for their teachers and educators. Because Erica knows, that sometimes even the best teachers go unthanked, but that doesn’t mean their…

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The Evidence of an Educator: Extraordinary Educator Deanna Wynn

Extraordinary Educator Deanna Wynn

When Deanna Wynn was growing up, her head was constantly filled with phrases of, “You’ll become a teacher one day, just like your mother!” As a ten-year-old girl with a passion for marine biology, Deanna didn’t agree. Although she says she had compassion for others and wanted to see them succeed, Deanna never saw herself as…

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The Montessori Method: Extraordinary Educator Michelle King

Michelle King, Extraordinary Educator at Triangle Lake Montessori School in High Point, NC, smiles at the camera.

Every teacher has their own classroom philosophy that guides the way they instruct and encourage their students’ learning. For the educators at Triangle Lake Montessori Elementary School, it’s the teachings of Maria Montessori, a physician who pioneered the Montessori method that serves as their North Star. The method, which prioritizes the independence of each child and looks…

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“I Wanted to be Like Her:” Extraordinary Educator Aneisha Coffield

Aneisha Coffield, Extraordinary Educator at Southwest Guilford Middle School in High Point, NC, smiles at the camera.

When Aneisha Coffield was eight years old, she would watch her aunt, Lizzie Mae. Lizzie Mae was a teacher who not only exhibited the qualities of a good teacher in the classroom but out of it as well.   Young Aneisha would watch her beloved aunt interact with people, bringing grace, intelligence, and confidence to every situation. And…

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Collaborative Classrooms: Extraordinary Educator Kim Threewitt  

Extraordinary Educator Kim Threewitt

For Kim Threewitt, Extraordinary Educator at Southwest Elementary School, teaching is a collaborative experience. From her very first years teaching, more than 20 years ago now, Kim saw the value of sharing her classroom stage. During her first year of teaching, she co-taught her class with Mary Rodenbough, who is, in Kim’s words, “the Mary Poppins of first grade.”  “She taught…

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The Education Balancing Act: Extraordinary Educator Kayla Tate

Extraordinary Educator Kayla Tate

All good educators know that teaching is a constant balancing act. From giving your students room to learn independently to guiding their steps; from focusing on individual students to focusing on the class as a whole; from being composed in front of your students to being real – a lot of time in the classroom is spent trying to achieve the yin and…

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HPU Class of 2021: We See You

A college graduate celebrates her achievement walking off of the stage at High Point University in High Point, NC

May is a month full of so much celebrating, and we want to continue extending the celebration of our fantastic High Point University Class of 2021! After a very challenging year, HPU’s Class of 2021 stood proudly last Saturday on Mother’s Day weekend to accept their diplomas – in person. While university and college students around the country had to…

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College for the Whole High Point Community

A image of Dr. Mark Harris

Tomorrow is a very special day for our students at Guilford Technical Community College – Commencement Day! Students who have worked hard to overcome the challenges of the last year are going to see their hard work pay off as they receive their degree or diploma. We couldn’t be prouder of our High Point GTCC students as they…

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